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Happy birthday Hakkai!

I almost forgot about that. We should do something Hakkai-related. Hmm...

Today is one of those days where we just feel cut off from the rest of the world. I'm not sure if that feeling was exacerbated by watching Kaleido Star or not, since on the one hand the Kaleido Star characters are our friends, but on the other hand, spending two and a half hours watching a DVD sometimes makes everything lonelier somehow. I'm not quite sure how that works.

Leon still represents everything I hate about most of the people I hate. The one thing he has going for him is that he doesn't laugh at people when they fail. We're pretty sure he's not laughing on the inside, either, because based on his fear of Sora, it seems like he's afraid to smile. And he probably has a lot of angst. (This is after watching all of disc 2 of the complete collection, so it's like episode 10 of New Wings, or 8 if the recap episodes didn't count, or just episode 36? of Kaleido Star in general. At any rate, the last episode we saw was the one where he made Sora keep standing on one foot.)

I realized that the reason New Wings was not making me very happy was that before New Wings, everything sucked for Sora but she still won anyway, and then during New Wings, everything sucked for Sora and that's it. But now Layla's back to put Leon in his place, and Sora's winning again and it's all happy. Leon's so simple, too. All it takes is for someone to say, "You're just scared," and then like the immature creep that he is, he's like, "I'm not scared! Eungh!" and does what you want. Though I've noticed with some people they try to prove they're not scared by still not doing the thing you're accusing them of being scared of, which really doesn't make any sense. That's the nice thing about cartoon characters. They tend to make more sense than real people.

But it's true that with people like Leon you have to get someone like Layla to come and say, "Dude, stop being stupid," because most everybody else doesn't have the confidence. It makes sense with people like Leon, because he is amazingly talented, and they did explain why Sora couldn't really go against him, so it's nice to have Layla back. Then again there are people who aren't as talented as Leon that aren't used to having people disagree with them, so at least Leon can back it up. He's still a jerk though. It made me sad to see the ice skating episode with Sora working so hard to please stupid jerkface Leon, but somehow with the standing thing it seemed less like, "Anything to please this guy!" and more like, "I'll show him!" which we like much better. One of the reasons I like Mei less is that she was still acting like his puppy. The other one is that she can't lay off Sora at all, and I'm like, "Come on, haven't you taken enough!?" But she got what was coming to her, poor kid.

So anyway, Kaleido Star is made of awesome. Maybe one of the recordings we should make is my version of the whiny noise Leon makes in his head (or rather, in my head) so I don't have to worry about how to spell it anymore. I seriously am feeling a need to find interviews with Sakurai-san for my own peace of mind. Athena reminds me to just think of those pictures we found one time, like when he was illustrating "spring" (he was behind what looked like a filing cabinet, and had one fingertip showing from behind the cabinet and then a few, and then the top of his head), and going crazy from hunger (he was about to eat a little globe thingie, if we remember correctly), and if I had any idea where to find that link, I'd post it right now. But that does make me feel a little better. Whew.

Today I'm thankful for Kingdom Hearts magic working again today, memories of pictures of Sakurai-san that indicate he's not as jerky as his characters, stretching, Hakkai's birthday! Yay!, and anime that takes place in Santa Monica (really close to where we grew up).
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