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Make 'em walk the plank! YAR!!!

I was originally going to entitle this entry "Bad Kekkaishi! No cookie!" but then I came to LiveJournal and was reminded that it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I modified a bit. Still not so much with the talking like a pirate though. Ah well.


The end.

Just kidding. Okay, so what's the deal with keeping the creepy old guy that we don't care about alive, and killing off one of the awesomest characters in the series? Seriously, the whole time Shishio was dying, I was like, "No! They kept the old guy alive! He's gonna stay alive too!" And then Hiba said, "It's not my job to apologize. You get better and apologize yourself," and Shishio's like, "Okay," and we're like, "Hope! Yay!" and then later he's like, "(On second thought) I wanted to apologize but I don't care that much anymore. *dies*" and we're like, "STUPID BOY!!!!"

Sigh. At least with the guy in that other series he had like an eighty percent chance of being killed off anyway. And with the guy in that other other series you could see why it had to happen. But this is just dumb. Well, it was kind of dumb in the first other series, too, but this is like really dumb. I mean, it's what, a Shounen Sunday series? And there's only three main characters and you killed one of them? How is a series supposed to go on into eternity (as Shounen Sunday and Shounen Jump series are wont to do) if you kill off one of only three main characters? That's not right.

Not cool.

But what is cool is something I forgot to mention yesterday--Puppies! At FHE on Monday night, we had our annual Fear Factor challenge. We didn't participate again, because we're not masochists, but the point is one of the teams called themselves the Puppies. How brilliant is that? First of all, you take your opponent off guard by naming yourself after something cute and harmless (which would have been better if they'd won, or at least not come in last), but then, if you lose, you really win because the other team was evil enough to destroy puppies, those jerks.

Today I'm thankful for the cloudy weather, cooler weather meaning less chocolate on my hands after eating chocolate covered pretzels, brilliant team names, anime that's not being stupid, and Nosatsu Junkie translations not going super slow.
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