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"All I wanted to do was date Mori-sempai!"

That was Athena's comment on why our day off today wasn't as day-off-ish as we would have liked. It's a kind of funny story, really. We started off the day by playing the Host Club game. We're over halfway through Mori's story, which is the last one until we have them all, so we thought we could at least finish Chapter 4 before lunch. But at about 12:30, the phone rang. I actually thought about not picking it up, but I just couldn't do it, so I answered. It was our insurance agent-in-training. Apparently they were trying to put together Athena's insurance packet, but the guys wouldn't put it through because our names are so similar (and everything else is exactly the same) that they thought they were registering the same person twice.

So now they need us to fax them copies of our social security cards so they can prove there's actually two of us. Only problem: we don't have our social security cards. Or rather, we should have them. Somewhere. Theoretically. Hopefully. But we have no idea where that somewhere is. So we looked in all the places we could think of that have recordy type things, except for the boxes in Celeste's room which are kind of hard to get to anyway. Nothing. So I called Mom and she knows she doesn't have them because she went through the box where she keeps all that stuff like five times when Sarah lost hers. But that's okay, we'll just call and ask if we can fax copies of our California ID instead. That all was fine, so we went to the office to have them make the copy and fax them off. And that's where we had adventures in copying! Yay! The copier was kind of being wacky, so we got to see more of the inside of a copy machine than we've ever seen before! That was actually kind of neat. But then the fax on the other end wasn't responding, so we had to come allllll the way back to our apartment and call the agent-in-training again. She gave us another number to try, and finally it worked and now it's all taken care of and we don't have to worry about that. Yay!

But by that time, it was time for lunch, so no more dating Mori-sempai. Because instead, we had planned to start watching Kaleido Star: New Wings after lunch today!

It's really weird watching the second half of a series for the first time when it's been about a year since the last time you saw the first half. Kaleido Star is very accommodating in that regard, though, and kindly provided us with two whole episodes of recap! It would have been a lot better if they'd shown more of Ken, but alas they did not. But that's okay, because he's featured in the new opening sequence in a way that makes it more obvious that he's the boyfriend, even though he's not yet. At least I hope it's a "yet."

And then! we finally got to see Takahiro Sakurai's character. We were so excited. And they kept showing him and not having him talk. Of course. But then he finally did and he was a total jerk and we're like, "Yay!!" but only because it's highly amusing how many jerkface characters he plays. But it was especially awesome because at the same time, with him being a jerk and everything, Mia and Marion were both like, "Kakko ii!!" But then as the episode went on, we realized that oh yeah, fangirls are crazy. And that Leon jerk, using his own fangirls against Sora. Especially when he considers them the enemy! Seriously, Sakurai-san has played a lot of mean characters, but this guy has got to be the worst we've seen. He's enough to make me want to watch Pretear just to reassure myself that he can be nice. I thought about watching Gate Keepers again, too, but he's not a bishounen in that. Well, he kind of is in the sense that his character is young and cute, but that's a boy show anyway. And come on, Sasame or Shun? Who would you pick? I guess that question would be more effective with pictures. Oh well.

At any rate, what with all the horrible evil jerkfaced characters Sakurai-san is playing, we really hope he's not like that in real life.

Moving on, we're going to spell Mei with an "ei" instead of an "ay," because she's from China. I wanted to check the official Japanese website to see how they spell it, but apparently it's gone now. Or at least, it's gone from TV Tokyo's site. Oh well. Anyway, I like her as a character, but she's so not even as cool as Sora. But it's fun how she starts growling every time Sora shows up.

But I wasn't done talking about Leon, I remembered. I want someone to punch him in the face. But what I really want to see is for him to walk by somebody and that person grabs his hair, and he just keeps walking and then falls over. That would be awesome. Athena pointed out that it'd be especially awesome if that person was Ken, and she's so right. But he'd probably only do it accidentally. But that's why Ken is the best♥

So yeah. There's actually a lot of not-awesome, but the kind of not-awesome that makes you need to watch so you can see it get what's coming to it. Or, as is more likely to be the case based on the director of this show, change from not-awesome to awesome. Or at least okay. And of course there's awesome, too. We were almost tempted to take the rest of the week off and finish watching it instead, but we're on Nosatsu Junkie next, so that would probably be a Bad idea.

Today I'm thankful for Ken Robbins, finally getting to see the second half of Kaleido Star, insurance companies that look out for us enough to make sure we're not being charged double, neko-ken (no relation to Ken Robbins), and the yumminess of those chocolate-covered pretzels we just had.
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