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I didn't do it!!

We need to start waking up earlier. Then my brain will be functioning more properly when we get weird phone calls at the insanely early hour of nine-thirty. I was already awake when the call came this morning, but I hadn't been awake long enough for the discussion not to make my brain hurt a little.

So I pick up the phone, and this guy introduces himself and says something along the lines of a friend of mine tipped them off and there's a warrant for my arrest because I'm overworked and under-appreciated. This was confusing for two reasons. First of all, as you can tell by the fact that my brain isn't functioning very well at nine-thirty, I must not be overworked. Unless I worked the graveyard shift somewhere--then it would make sense, but you all know that I don't. I don't really think we're under-appreciated, either, because even though we do think a little more praise would be nice, it's not really fair to be as lazy as we are and expect everyone to call you awesome. The second reason this was confusing is that arresting someone hardly seems like a good way to treat people who are overworked and under-appreciated.

The guy goes on to explain that there's some thing going on with the March of Dimes, and something about me fund-raising, and on one of these two days, between these times, then a pair of police officers will come and escort me to prison, which is the ITT Technical Institute, where they'll feed me the finest bread and water and take my mugshot. The whole thing is very cute, but a little nerve-wracking (social anxiety + being a picky eater = not a fan of being treated to lunch by people I don't know). But since it's for the March of Dimes, I couldn't say no, so instead I told them I'd drag Athena along with me. Our "parole officer" will be calling later so we can reschedule in case something comes up, so that's a bit of a relief, and in the meantime, we'll be getting packets in the mail. And not thinking about it too hard.

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to serve, the Hades Cup in KH1 not being nearly as evil as the one in KH2, rainy weather forecasts, not actually being under arrest, and new gold pens.
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