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I was all ready to post about how it's just mildly annoying that the UPS guy comes so late, because it'll be forever before we know if Kinokuniya sent our package two days ago and they didn't send us shipping confirmation, but the guy came about ten minutes ago! Whee! Or maybe it's actually more like fifteen or twenty minutes now, but that doesn't change the fact that we have shiny new books! And this time! we actually have novels! Oooohhh! None of that all-picture stuff! Okay, so "none" is an exaggeration, because we actually ordered three books of manga and only two novels, but the point is, we have novels! Tadah!

They're actually kind of thick novels, too, unlike our Fushigi Yuugi novels, which really don't count. And they're all in Japanese (I'd imagine), so it's kind of intimidating. But it will be good practice, so we're excited! Maybe one of these days we'll get some novels that are actually in English, so when people ask us for book recommendations we can give them. We are clearly too obsessed. And too incapable of getting to bookstores. And making time to actually read. I'm still on page one of Deathly Hallows! But now I have something to read while Athena reads Harry Potter, and then we can trade. But that doesn't mean we'll be able to pull ourselves away from the video games. It's all about priorities, really, and it's difficult to say which of two recreations deserves the higher priority, especially when you can totally synthesize all the armor you need if you can just get enough sheepskins! (Athena: I guess my title probably is still "Silencer of the Lambs.")

Changing the subject, the fourth time we played through the Host Club game, we noticed something that has since kind of become an obsession for me, probably because I'm a little disappointed in myself for not noticing it sooner. Hikaru and Kaoru have different hair colors. Sure it looks like the same color, but Kaoru's is a little yellower. I guess it's only really obvious in the game (so obvious it only took us four times through to notice) because they're not moving nearly as much. Still, I think we should have noticed sooner. I guess it's because we're Tamaki fans? So we were paying more attention to him? Or something? Oh well. So now whenever one of them shows up, I try to figure out who it is based on the color of the hair, since I can't really tell right from left anyway. But it always takes too long, and once they start talking they give it away.

(PS: Since I know a few people reading this don't understand that last paragraph, Hikaru and Kaoru are a pair of identical twins in a series called Ouran High School Host Club. Most people tell them apart because Hikaru parts his hair on the right and Kaoru parts it on the left, but you can also tell them apart by their voices.)

(PPS: Technically neither of these PSes are actually PSes, because they're not post any kind of signature and they're not even at the end of the entry, but... um... *points* What's that over there!?)

Changing the subject sort of back to the original one, because I couldn't quite fit this part into the flow of the first two paragraphs, I love how Kinokuniya recycles. This time, our books came in what used to be a box of erasers that are shaped like food. There's a warning on it saying that they're not food. It's very cute♥

Today I'm thankful for recycling, having novels in Japanese, finishing work before lunch (but we still have to go back and translate that planner), not having to go back and translate that planner today, and being able to amuse ourselves.
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