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We weren't originally going to post our results from this because I was pretty half-hearted on a lot of the answers, but wow. Taken from more_dragoncelt

1. Go here:

2. Edited because we were asked nicely to stop.

3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.

4. Post the top twenty results.

5. Boldface: have done before and/or went to school for it
Italics: would love to do this, although I'm not necessarily completely qualified for it yet
Asterisk: "What the!?"

1. Critic (What kind of training would this require? Because we are so there. That's like all we do, is watch stuff and go, "You know, it'd be better if you did it like this.")

2. Comedian

3. Casting Director (Again, what kind of training does this require?)

4. Writer

5. Activist (I don't think we're passionate enough about anything other than, like, anime for this one. That would be interesting, being anime activists. What kind of things could we protest?)

6. Political Aide*

7. Composer

8. Print Journalist

9. Translator (The only thing on here that we actually have extensive training for (though technically we've done a bit of acting and we've learned some instruments, but that was more hobby type stuff, and we never really had any formal schooling, unless you count some stuff from elementary school). We think the reason it's so far down is that we didn't get the question about using a foreign language.)

10. Market Research Analyst*

11. Musician

12. Special Effects Technician

13. Actor

14. Criminologist (Though I'm afraid it might drive us insane, it still sounds neat!)

15. Anthropologist

16. Actuary

17. Historian

18. Electrician* (zzzap!)

19. Musical Instrument Builder and Repairer

20. Furniture Finisher (If "While You Were Out" has taught us anything, it's that staining furniture is a hateful chore. But who knows? There must be some people out there who like it. Maybe we're two of them?)

We got some really awesome ones like magician and explosives specialist, too, but they were further down the list, so they didn't make it into the meme. But they are awesome.
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