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As we were checking our e-mail and various other sites we check in the morning, Athena pointed out that most likely something we translated would be coming out today, so I made a mental note to check the TokyoPop website. As it turns out, we didn't need to go that far, because umadoshi announced on her Live Journal this morning that the Fruits Basket Fanbook: Neko (known to some of you as "the crazy crazy thing") is in stores now! Woohoo!!

Now you can all go see the fruits of two months of our labor, plus however much time everybody else down the line (including umadoshi) put into it. It's a pretty neat little book; it's like a Fruits Basket encyclopedia. But it covers through volume 17 (which came out last month!), so make sure to read that first, because volume 17 is the one with The Spoiler. And don't forget, it has more details on the Juusanshi fortune-telling! And remember, if you like the translation, it's all us. But if you didn't like the translation, it's all umadoshi. (And hopefully she won't get mad at us for using this joke... It was really funny once when we were on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, and our tour guide was like, "If you enjoyed your time here, then my name is Bob (I don't remember what it really was, so I made that bit up), and this has been the Jungle Cruise. If you didn't enjoy your time here, then my name is Orlando, and this has been Pirates of the Caribbean.")

For the heck of it, we decided to go to the TokyoPop website and see if anything else we translated comes out today, since we translate enough stuff that usually two or three things come out at a time. And as it turns out, volume 5 of +ANIMA is out today! We thought about saying something like, "If you have any love for us at all, next time you're in a book store, you will pick up volume 1 of +ANIMA and read enough of it to figure out if you like it or not," but we thought that might sound a little desperate. But we do like it a lot, and hope that all our friends will give it a chance. We read in an interview with Mike Kiley that +ANIMA is actually doing very well sales-wise, so the market has spoken. It must be a good series *grin*

Surprisingly, nothing else we translated comes out today, so I'm done with my shameless plugs. Today I'm thankful for dish soap, kitty litter, cooking that doesn't have walnuts, the royal armory in San d'Oria, and scouring pads.
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