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I vant to suck your blood...

So here we are, waiting for Mom and Steve to pick us up and take us to Best Buy. It was really very random. Mom called to ask if we had any special requests for dinner tomorrow, because apparently it's obvious that we're going over there to help them celebrate Steve's birthday (which, incidentally, is today, the same day as Tomokazu Seki's; we're not sure how we feel about that).

Anyway, at first we were just talking through Celeste, but we needed to ask Mom about the notice we got that we need to get a business license, because she said she would look into it for us. She hasn't yet because she's so busy, so I asked about going to Game Stop or somewhere to get a birthday present for Celeste. It's part of our evil scheme to distract her with DS games so she won't sit on the couch all day watching TV on Saturdays like today. It would only be a temporary fix, we know, but it's something. She wanted to get through today and tomorrow first before worrying about that, but Athena was sitting next to me whispering, "Chaaaaaiiirrrrssss..." so I brought that up, too. And as it turned out, they were just about to go to Best Buy. This was kind of strange, because didn't they go to Best Buy just three weeks ago? I guess that's kind of a long time ago, but what on earth would you need at Best Buy that you have to go that frequently? Oh well, I'm sure they have their reasons, and it works out for us, because since Sarah doesn't need the van tonight, they'll have room to take us with them, which is now the plan. Tadah!

And, since we didn't know what else to do while we wait, we're now updating...

*interrupted as the Twins go off to various places including Best Buy*

...and we're back! It's the magic of the Internet and draft autosaving! Woohoo!

So as it turns out, we went to Best Buy with Mom and Kimee, not Mom and Steve, because the reason Mom was going to Best Buy was that she needed a birthday present for Steve. It was weird hanging out in the DVD section and not once wandering over to the anime section, but we'd just been there Tuesday and learned that they don't have anything we care deeply about. We really ought to consider Netflix so we can watch more of the stuff that's out without buying it or downloading it. Then we went to see about the chairs we wanted, but we needed some assistance and all the employees from that section were gathered around the giant plasma TV with a bunch of customers watching a football game. Mom said it's their job to help anyway, and we know as much, but it still takes us some effort to work up to interrupting people. So Mom got tired of waiting for us and got a guy herself, and as it turned out the chair we saw wasn't on clearance, but they had two of the newer model. So we decided to come home and think about whether we wanted them enough to pay the extra money. Athena's thinking she'd rather get a cat tree. Me? I'm undecided. Comfy chairs sound very nice, but we do have chairs already, after all.

And then we went to the grocery store and came back to discover that the CD baranoneko sent us had arrived! She is completely made of awesome, as I've mentioned before, because while she was in Japan this summer, she remembered that we'd asked her to try to order this CD while she was studying abroad there three years ago. It's one of those ones that you can only order through one website, and so we couldn't just get it from CD Japan. And we're pretty sure they won't ship to the States. But she saw it used somewhere, and remembered we wanted it and got it for us, and we are very, very excited. But for some reason again with the no exclamation points. Maybe it's because we just got back and are a little tired, mixed with Celeste still watching TV.

But anyway! Now we have DN Angel: Legend of a Vampire! It is very shiny. We haven't taken it out of the shrink wrap yet, out of a mixture of knowing we're not going to listen to it just yet and "but we can't just... open it!" We've always been like that, and this is something that we had pretty well convinced ourselves we'd only get to listen to if we borrowed it from Soichiro Hoshi when we finally managed to be voice actresses in Japan, so we have to be even more careful with it.

It's also perfect timing, because last night we decided, since we had the opportunity, to watch one of the DVDs we've had for ever and not watched, so we watched volume 6 of DN Angel. I had remembered seeing in the credits that Elliot was played by Takahiro Mizushima, who is Romeo in Romeo x Juliet, so that was very exciting (it was funny because Freedert showed up and I was like, "She's giving me a Romeo x Juliet vibe somehow..." and then I remembered and I was very happy), but according to the ADV credits, he was played by Takayuki Kondo. I didn't quite believe it, because if I specifically remembered a name with "mizu" in it, chances are there was a reason for it, so we checked the Japanese Wikipedia article on DN Angel, and it said I was right. Incidentally, Takayuki Kondo played Kyle, which really makes us wonder who ADV listed as playing Kyle and if maybe I just read those credits wrong to begin with.

But anyway, the point is, the article said that Funabashi, Keiji's assistant, who only shows up in the manga and the pre-anime CD dramas, is played by Takahiro Sakurai♥. And we're like, "No he's not... He's played by Hiroki Takahashi," which is indicated by the fact that the article listed his given name as Hiroki, and when Yukiru Sugisaki characters don't have given names, they tend to inherit the given names of the first person who played them.

So there are two possibilities: first, that the article is wrong, and second, that our beloved Sakurai-san♥ plays him in the Legend of a Vampire CD. This would make sense, because they also got a new voice for Risa for this CD. We never heard anything about Keiji showing up in this CD, but thinking about it more clearly, why wouldn't he? And vampire things seem to be the type of thing Keiji would like to show up for. And now we can find out, and we only had to wait a night. And it would be awesome if Sakurai-san is in it.

And now we have all the DN Angel CD dramas where Hoshi-san plays Daisuke! Yay!!

Today we're thankful for awesome people being kind enough to buy us CDs, having completed our Hoshi-san DN Angel drama CD collection (there are two CD dramas based on the anime, which of course have the anime cast; we don't have those, but Hoshi-san makes a much better Daisuke), getting a ride to Best Buy, having lots of yummy snacks, and energy efficient light bulbs (they were on sale at Winco today, and we are very excited about helping to stop global warming; we are such nerds).
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