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We finally got a normal day today! Yay! And! we finished work a teeny bit early, so we had extra time to finally respond to all the comments about the Fruits Basket comparison stuff. And and! it was doubly productive, because while we were doing it, we ripped Shunichi Miyamoto's "Saigo no Kiss" single. The songs are so pretty on it, but we almost never listen to it because when we put the CD in, it automatically starts up a flash movie of "Soba ni Irareru nara," which is also very cool, but not something we want to deal with when we want to just put a CD in and work through it. But now we have it on our computer! Yay! (We have a weird thing about liking to listen to our music on CD rather than mp3. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but there you have it.) We decided not to get the albums of his we've been missing, because we really care more about anime than artists (we do have two Yoko Ishida CDs, but she sings a lot more anime songs than Miyamoto-kun does), but listening to this single, it's sounding like we're going to have to get more of his CDs anyway. We really like to sing along with his songs, because you really have to use your voice for it.

Anyway, speaking of the Fruits Basket thing, I feel like I should explain our feelings on it better, but I'm not sure I can do that. When we first started reading it, we really didn't think much of it. Yeah, things are different from the original, and maybe sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn't, and he can post about it if he cares that much. It wasn't until we got to the "itterasshai" part that we thought, "Okay, this guy needs to learn a few things about Japanese if he's going to be translating stuff, for whatever reason." And it was irritating, but I don't think it was irritation that made us respond. As it turns out, we are in fact grammar Nazis. We grew up in a family of grammar Nazis, and we've learned a lot about them and how people react to them. So most of the time, we'll either keep quiet, or just discuss amongst ourselves (it's could not care less, if you're trying to indicate the extreme to which you don't care about something).

But sometimes, in what I like to call our Crusade for Truth (because not only does it indicate my "noble" ideals, but the term "crusade" also denotes a war of self-righteousness), we decide it's time to speak up. And when he said he didn't know what "itterasshai" means but he knows it shouldn't be translated the way TokyoPop had it, that time had come. If you don't know what something means, how can you have the gall to say that someone else translated it wrong? Someone who, for all you know, actually does know what it means? How can your ignorance be more knowledgeable than someone's actual knowledge? They're kind of opposites, after all. So I don't know if we were taking it the wrong way, but that's kind of our automatic response to things like that.

I don't think this explanation is getting anywhere. I guess I just wanted to say that it wasn't that we were upset or annoyed (although we were), but that we're grammar Nazis.

I'd better change the subject.

Last night was the Who Wants to Be a Superhero? finale, and it was awesome. I totally agree with Mr. Lee's choice, but I am sad it wasn't the object of our fangirling that won (and by the way, WE CALLED IT!!). It's especially sad with Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, because with shows like On the Lot or America's Next Top Model, or even Survivor, all the other contestants have now gotten enough publicity that people will come to them for work, and they'll eventually get to do what they were competing for anyway. But with Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, I wonder if it's their only chance. I hope not, because that would be way too depressing.

Because Hyper-Strike would still be a really fun superhero! He could be on a team or something! In another series! He totally reminded us of Beast Boy like the whole time. And the Kid Flash♥

But man, when the Defuser told the story of his sister, and how he wished he could pull a superhero out of a comic book to come help his family... We've been there. Back when Dad was going stupid, we wanted a Sanzo so badly. Someone to come and say, "Stop being stupid. Now do it right." Also, that would make for great superhero drama. And, when the Defuser told about how he dreamed about his wife coming and saying, "What did you come here for? Now stand up and finish your mission." I can totally see that in an anime. I wonder if that makes it cliche.

Incidentally, I didn't realize until last night that the fire benders in Avatar do the move Hyper-Strike does for his hyper-blast all the time. We wonder if he was a DBZ fan.

Today I'm thankful for this CD single, the Snickers song, prancing nougat in the meadow, getting to see another season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, and the smoke having cleared out of the air. (Last night, things started smelling like campfire, and I was worried that something was burning that shouldn't be, but we'd keep looking at the windows and seeing nothing. We're not sure, but one of the insurance agents yesterday said there was a fire nearby-ish that they were going to let burn out instead of putting it out, so we think that's where all the smoke came from. But it's gone now, and now I don't feel like coughing all the time.)
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