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Beware the Groove!!

Okay, so that doesn't really have anything to do with what happened, but it did seem like there was some kind of curse involved. I realized I couldn't finish Lacus's haori because I didn't have the right shade of pink thread for the trim, so I decided to work on Meer's skirt. Fortunately, I have a brand new spool of purple thread for her skirt, so there's no problem.

...except for the fact that for some bizarre reason, the spool won't fit on the spindle-thingey of the sewing machine. Well, fine. I can go cut out the fabric for Goofy's vest. But then my scissors were gone. Gone!! I couldn't find them anywhere. It was the strangest thing.

Fortunately, I had another pair of scissors that I used to cut out fabric while Athena found a screwdriver and fixed the spool of purple thread. So I did get to work more on costumes. So far, they seem to be turning out really well, which is very exciting. It's kind of weird when you've had this picture in your head of how something's going to look, and then you try to actually make it a reality. I'm always afraid it'll look horrible. But, like I said, so far, they're looking good, and I'm very grateful for that fact. Hopefully, they'll still look good when I'm done with them.

PS: Tonight's episode of Danny Phantom was awesome except for Danny wasn't in it nearly enough. If you missed it, make sure to watch it tomorrow morning!
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