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I hope that's not a gambling addiction I see in the distance.

Last night's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? made me very sad. But at this point, every elimination is bound to make us very sad, so I guess it can't be helped. That's the problem with this show. Everyone's so cool you hate to see them go. *sniffle*

After the show, we decided to try the awesomest thing that came with Final Fantasy XI: Tetra Master! We had heard things about being able to play Tetra Master online, and we knew there was a Zidane card, so we were kind of interested, but since we didn't know how to go about being able to play, we decided it wasn't important enough. But now! we can play it, and it's awesome.

Before we started actually playing, we wanted to make sure we knew all the controls. We had made the mistake of not checking that stuff with the actual FF11 game, and we didn't want to make it again. But before we got to the rules, we found the compendium. And the compendium is sooooo awesome. We actually didn't check the interviews or anything, but what we did do was take the personality test. We're suckers for personality tests, especially when they're official. And I think this is among the best official personality tests we've ever taken. All the questions were centered around playing Tetra Master, of course, but they had answers like, "I like all the pretty pictures."

We got Trance Garnet, which makes us very happy. I'm curious to know who we would have gotten if we'd said we were male. Probably not Zidane... but maybe Zidane! ...right? Maybe Blank. He might not be one of the answers, but there probably is a Blank card, since we were playing earlier today and got a Fratley card. If there's a Fratley card, there's totally a Blank card.

And then! we did Tetra Master fortune telling! It was really neat, but I don't remember what all the exact fortunes were. Probably best not to put too much stock in them anyway.

And today, we're taking our three-day weekend early, because the roommate doesn't have any plans on Monday, and so she might spend the whole day watching TV, which means we'd have a much easier time staying in our room working. Or playing Tetra Master. Final Fantasy XI is at a point where it's confusing and we're not sure what's going on, but since we're just starting out, instead of making us sick of it and not want to deal with it anymore, it becomes an obsession. But first, Athena's been reading Harry Potter while I play the piano. I've been playing my FF9 music, and that coupled with playing Tetra Master is making me want to do extravagant Final Fantasy IX things. Like cosplay, and inventing South Gate bundt cake. Maybe we should get a bundt cake pan.

Today I'm thankful for being able to play Tetra Master, Tetra Master personality quizzes, having the self-control to stop playing Tetra Master after a while, FF9 sheet music, and Nanatsuiro Drops! I almost forgot about that!

We almost didn't watch it because somehow we missed it when the first episode was posted at l33t-raws, but since we didn't start a whole lot of new shows this season, we went back and got the first episode, and it's so great! It's kind of like a magical girl series from the point of view of the guy and the mascot. I was hoping we'd have it to tide us over while we wait for them to post more Gurren-Lagann, Romeo x Juliet, and/or Zombie Loan, but the episode 2 download is going way too slow, alas. But that's okay, because we have a bajillion other distractions.

PS: If anyone's interested in playing Tetra Master, it comes with the Final Fantasy XI Starter Pack (only $4), and it's only a dollar a month to play once the 30-day free trial is up!
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