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The road to Vana'diel

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to blackhope! Hopefully you'll make it online sometime soon.

Final Fantasy XI really is an exercise in patience. It's probably just because we installed it right before they upgraded. So when we signed in last night and tried to get started, they had to check 17,680 files, and then download 2,597 files, and then install everything. (Incidentally, those are the actual numbers; not an exaggeration. But if they were exaggerations, the commas make them that much more convincing, don't you think?)

Fortunately, everything went relatively quickly, so we did have time to get started before we had to go to bed. Unfortunately, we are among the most indecisive people on the planet, and so we took forever deciding what we wanted our character to look like. We'd finally chosen an Elvaan with a pretty braid wrapped around the back of her head, and we made her a white mage, and decided we'd have her be in San d'Oria after all (San d'Oria is the Elvaan city, and we didn't want to be all racist by having her stay with her own kind, but San d'Oria had a better crest than Bastok, and we thought it would be weird to have a super tall Elvaan living with all the tiny Tarutaru (not that we know anything else about Final Fantasy XI yet, so all of these judgments could be way off)), and then it said, "Register character and begin play?" and we're like, "Uh... We're not sure yet!" So we decided we'd think about it and try again later.

But it's really hard choosing a character! *whine whine whine* It might be neat to be a Hume, because it would be like in all the fairy tales and stuff where there's this human that's not really anything special, but because they try their best and do what's right, they come out victorious! Yay! But then again, Humes are just normal humans. The Elvaans are the prettiest, but I don't like their costumes. That's not really an issue, because the costume will probably change depending on the job, but we don't know what the costumes will look like, and they might be worse! Then there's the Mithra who are just cute, but also seem to be playing up the sex appeal angle a little too much.

And then we have to choose a job, and that's a whole other long-winded, indecisive rant. And they won't show us the costumes, so we can't choose based on that. Well, we could probably look stuff up, but that's no fun. It's more fun to give the character a job and be surprised by the costume.

Of course, it's not like this is the only character we'll ever make. But the idea of putting so much work into a character and then just giving up on her because you're bored with her or something seems so cruel. Though I guess if she's at a high enough level, she wouldn't mind going into retirement. Hmmm...

In other news, the weather has been slightly cooled today by the arrival of some thunderstorms that woke me up at three. They kept going until late this morning, so poor Oreo is in hiding. I just hope this means the 104 temperatures they've been predicting for the whole week will go away. The weather here seemed to have wanted to get in one last really hot week before autumn sets in, but what with the thunderstorms, perhaps the weather elsewhere had other ideas. Or something.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time for FF11 today, the very pretty lighting outside, cooler weather than predicted, getting new software, and not being required to come up with your own names for FF11 characters.
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