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We MISSED the Feedback movie! What kind of fans are we!? Aaaaaugh!! And it wasn't even because we were doing anything at the time! We just completely forgot! It even started right before we turned on Gate Keepers. This is ridiculous. Ridiculous I say!!

Ah well.

The other day, Celeste came out and started acting bored, making it very difficult to play the Host Club game, so we turned it off and put in Disney Scene It? instead. A lot of Alice in Wonderland questions were popping up, so I was thinking about how Mom would make a really good Queen of Hearts. I seem to remember making that connection when I was really little, too, but I can't be sure. Athena thinks it's because she would often say, "Somebody's head is gonna roll for this!" ("Maybe that's why I've always been very sensitive about my neck," she adds.)

Anyway, a while ago, Mom was talking about how she wanted to be Maleficent for Halloween. I suggested she has a better face for the Wicked Queen from Snow White (Maleficent has a long face; the Wicked Queen's is round), and everyone else was like, "Uh, is that a compliment?" And I'm like, "Dude, second fairest in all the land!" and "At least I didn't say Cruella de Vil." But anyway, she said that would have to wait until next Halloween, so she can lose weight first.

So I was thinking she could be the Queen of Hearts this Halloween, because that would be neat. And then Kimee could be Alice, and we could be Cheshire Cats (Host Club version, because we like it, and we don't like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum's costumes as much), and Celeste and Sarah could be...

"Wait, why do I want to do a cosplay group with Steve's family?" I thought. I must be very desperate to have a cosplay group. It's been on my mind since we sent that Syaoran the picture of her and Sakura by the lake. Cosplay gatherings at AX are stupid. Cosplay groups are fun. This is because when you have your own group, it's usually small enough (or has one person that everyone will listen to enough) that people can say, "Dude, we should totally get a picture like this!" and come up with the best pictures ever, instead of just having a million cosplayers, and a photographer being like, "Okay, let's get all the Soras; just stand wherever you show up."

It's basically like this: Group of a bunch of Rikus standing in a group, or one lone Riku standing in the wind on a large rock. Which would you rather have? We definitely would choose the latter (we still need to post that picture), and thus, we want a cosplay group.

Of course, there's also the theory that I've come to terms with the fact that Steve's kids are going to be around no matter what enough that I automatically include them in certain cosplay schemes, but that's just nonsense.

We also have a fun idea with all of us being different Disney fairies/enchantresses.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo's face in the shoe, encore airings (hopefully we can find one of Mega Snake), having plans to go grocery shopping today, butter, and peanut farmers.
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