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Patience, young Skywalker

Last night we learned that Final Fantasy XI is an exercise in patience. Or at least installing it is. Makes sense, since you need eight and a half gigs to install the thing. And that's just the starter pack! But we passed the time by playing Band Brothers while we waited, though we could have looked at some of the awesome screen captures instead. But those took too long to switch.

And so! we finally got it all installed and we went over to register at, aaaand the registration server was down for maintenance. Thus it becomes another exercise in patience. But on the bright side, we didn't accidentally get sucked into playing it into the wee hours of the morning.

I'm kind of chronicling things backwards. The other unusual thing we did yesterday was start translating Lagoon Engine Einsatz. We thought about just reading it, but we're more used to translating things when they're to be read together, so we tried that. But it was driving me crazy because they introduced like everybody and I had no idea how to spell their names. And since it actually came out in English first, we know there are official spellings. So after we finished translating for a CD, we checked Wikipedia and Anime News Network to see if we could get a list of characters, but to no avail. And so we decided it was too hot for hard translations and ended up playing Host Club most of the day. We got a little over halfway through Kyoya's storyline! (It's not a very long game, comparatively.)

When I did the meme yesterday, I had been planning on talking about some mundane fears, because they're actually a lot scarier than the fantastical fears, but I got distracted by explaining about dark powers. Because I think, and I don't know about Athena, but my greatest fear is messing things up and not being able to fix them, or at least not being able to fix them without making everyone think we're of subhuman intelligence. That's why I always take forever starting on costumes. I'm worried that I'll cut the fabric and realize I got it all wrong, and then not be able to get any more fabric in time. It's very ironic, because if I'd just stop putting it off, I'd have more time to get more fabric if I need to, theoretically. We're also both afraid of approaching people.

I'm not sure why I felt like I had to mention those, but I think it has something to do with not wanting to leave out the important parts. Or something. I also have a fear of getting things wrong and causing confusion.

Anyway, we had a pretty awesome lesson in Relief Society today, and I wanted to retell one of the stories that was told.

When one of the girls in our ward was in college, she was desperately looking for a job. Her roommate's sister's boyfriend's friend was running a booth at a fair for two weeks, and he needed some help. So she worked for him, and justified her working on Sunday by saying it wasn't going to be a constant thing--just for this one job, where the guy really needed her help. On her way home from working that Sunday, her car stopped working, and broke down about two blocks from her house. Fortunately, she wasn't stranded out in the desert, and she was able to easily take the car in to get fixed. When she got the bill for getting the car fixed, it matched the money she'd earned working that Sunday to the dollar. And she's always used that as a reminder that working on Sunday won't help you get ahead.

Today I'm thankful for not having to call someone and ask for a ride to church today, the clouds that suddenly came in and made the weather a few degrees cooler, kitties sitting in such a way that they resemble a semicolon, having enough space on our computer to install Final Fantasy XI, and having Band Brothers to pass the time.
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