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Why, Nick? Why!?

So last night I was all ready to come post about how Nickelodeon is stupid and I hate them, but we were defragging the hard drive and by the time it was done I didn't care enough anymore.

Last night, we were lucky enough to find out before it started that they were showing a Danny Phantom movie. We suspected from the beginning of the movie that it might be the Danny Phantom series finale, but we didn't have any proof unless you count the end making it very much like a Danny Phantom series finale. This is especially annoying because we know that they've shown episodes of Danny Phantom that we haven't seen, but we keep checking our listings and not being able to catch when Danny Phantom is on. Maybe if we hadn't stopped watching Nickelodeon after they stopped airing Danny Phantom at a reasonable time, we would have caught some commercials for it, but we have better things to do with our time than watch reruns and shows we're not particularly interested in. Rar. And now that the episodes are in reruns, it's going to be a lot harder to find them.

The finale (Phantom Planet) was really good, but maybe not totally awesome. We have a few complaints about the way a few things happened, but they probably happened that way because of all the Danny/Sam fans. We suspect Butch Hartman might be a little too gung-ho about going along with the fans, but that might just be because we've always thought that, while fans can be very smart, they don't always know what they're talking about. Also, as far as not liking Phantom Planet so much, it has a lot to do with liking Danny to have more mental anguish. We're so sadistic. But you still can't beat The Ultimate Enemy for Totally Awesome Danny Phantom movies.

Aaaaaanyway. We also have a meme!

1. Leave me a comment saying something random, like the lyrics from your current favourite song, or your favourite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

kabochan asked us:
1. If you were crime fighters, what would your abilities/motives be?
We've actually sort of thought of this, because we wanted to be on Who Wants to Be a Superhero?. We were kind of thinking of using the whole twin thing to our advantage and having complementary powers, and the only thing we really came up with was light and darkness related powers. We haven't figured out what exactly they would be, though. I think there might be some enhanced speed, also.

As for motives... probably Justice. We just get so frustrated at people being stupid and treating others badly just because they feel like it or they think they deserve it, and it just makes us want to beat them up. So we'd use our powers! Yay!

2. What is your greatest fear?
This is an interesting one, because the more we watch horror type things, the more we realize we don't have fears of like vampires or zombies that people talk about. We've always been a little afraid of ghosts, but somehow a lot of our favorite shows and movies tend to be ghost-centric. I'm definitely afraid of evil ghosts, though, spirits using dark powers and stuff. (Dark powers, of course, being different than powers of darkness. It makes sense in my head.)

3. If BYU didn't have a Japanese program, what would you have studied?
No idea. We were actually open majors for a long time because of this very question. Our original plan was to major in computer science and work on video games, but then we realized we hate computer science, and the idea that we wouldn't get by in life without a practical major hadn't ever stuck. If we had to say, maybe drama... except we didn't like the theatre people we knew growing up, Aurora would potentially kill us, and Mom would also potentially kill us (but for different reasons). We've come to realize that the main thing we like over everything else is stories, but we're not confident enough to write (also we have a moral opposition to English class), and not patient enough to draw or animate. So we're really blessed that BYU does have a Japanese program, and that we've found a way to do something we love with it.

4. What's your favorite food? (General or specific)
Cheese pizza and ice cream, but not together. Also, cheese sticks and curly fries. But don't worry, we eat those very rarely.

5. What twin powers do you have?
Do you mean like for real? Growing up, I was always a little sad that we never had any of the special magic/supernatural type powers twins have, like telepathy and feeling each other's physical pain and stuff. We like to think we can read people's minds, but Celeste likes to think otherwise. We also have the power to not be as intimidated by what the people around us think, so we can like whatever we want and not feel like we have to hide it so much. It might not be a twin power, but we think it comes from being twins, because there's always someone there who won't think we're retarded or anything because we like something weird.

Also, I think it might be why, even though we tend to be competitive in games, we're not so competitive in life, like with grades and looks and stuff. I think this is because people tend to ask, "So which one's smarter?" and we'd feel bad saying it was ourselves, but we didn't want to say it was the other one either, so we learned to not care, and developed the power to not be competitive. Unless someone's like, "Oh, I'm so much better than you!" and then we're like, "Oh, it's on!"

We're not sure that really answers the question, but hopefully it was at least a little interesting.

Today I'm thankful thought-provoking questions, beekeepers, honey roasted peanuts, getting to see the last episode of Danny Phantom even though we didn't get to see the ones before it but if we didn't see it then we have no idea when we'd get another chance (except I think they'll be showing it a million times in the near future), and getting to hear Honey-sempai's imaginactment of Mori-sempai, including him saying "Ciao(star)."
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