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Goodbye, dry cleaners doubling as a post office!

Today we braved the hot heat of hot... hotness... to go to the post office. Our real goal, actually, was to obtain snackage, as we had run out of pretzels, but since we had a couple of books to send to TokyoPop, we figured we might as well get that taken care of while we were at it.

While at the post office that isn't really a post office so much as a dry cleaners, but also is kind enough to serve as a post office and happens to be within easy (or relatively easy, since Fresno is so hot) walking distance of our apartment, it was revealed that they're closing up shop. This could be a problem, as we have no idea where another post office is that we can walk to. Darn far-apartness of everything in Fresno.

Either it's a sign that we're supposed to move, or a sign that we must never leave this apartment again, because there's a possibility that since we have we can just print the postage we need and send all our packages from here. The latter seems like a bad idea, since we also have to buy groceries every so often, so maybe it's a sign of nothing. But it's just so much fun to think of everything as a sign! And our lease expires at the end of October, so if we don't want to end up in another Fresno lease, we'll have to move anyway. We really ought to figure out what to do with ourselves, so it's probably not such a good thing that this sort of thing falls into the category of "things we don't have to think about right now and besides we have work to do." Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for Fresno not being nearly as hot as anywhere in Africa or the Middle East, candy bars of most deliciousness for snack time, snack time, having new batteries for our camera, and having had relatively easy access to a post office lo these two and a half years.
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