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I'm not sure what to write about...

We've just been working all day. Pretty uneventful.

We did find out that Oreskaband is playing in Fresno tonight. We were kind of annoyed that we didn't find out until this morning, but then we remembered we don't really like concerts that much. Eheh. Not that we don't like music, of course. Just that it's hard for that to be the only thing we're doing. Listening to music, I mean. I wonder if that's why we have such a hard time with Fantasia.

But the fact that Oreskaband is playing in Fresno means that there's someone in Fresno who thinks there are enough anime fans here to book Oreskaband. This is only really frustrating because we don't know any of them. We have heard rumors of an anime club at the local college, but we haven't looked into them because we don't have a way to get to it. And we've had run-ins with anime clubs in the past. Back in college, we tried to start an online forum for all the fans at BYU, so we went around posting fliers, but we heard the president of the anime branch of the sci-fi club took them all down. In his defense, he did come to our forums and suggest we all go to the club's forums, but we wanted an all-anime forum, not one that was just an afterthought to a sci-fi forum. And he seemed to have a, "But I'm the BYU anime master! *whine whine whine*" attitude, but it could easily have been our imaginations. It was a few years ago, so I don't remember for sure. At any rate, since then we've had a hard time trusting anime club officials. I think too many anime fans like to think they're The authority on anime, alas.

I do wonder who will be interpreting for Oreskaband. Hm.

Today I'm thankful for finally having more Romeo x Juliet to watch (er, we will as soon as it's done downloading, anyway), helpful Wikipedia articles, chocolate milk, re-research not taking quite as long as the initial research, and scissors.
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