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Today is just full of surprises!

Well, not really. But we did get a comment from Hygena's husband on last Friday's entry! That's like, whoa.

We finished work early (or rather, we decided we were done with work at lunch time), so instead we played Scene It? Disney, and it was awesome. It really seems to have everything. There was a clip from a movie we'd never even heard of! We ended up using a few of the tie breakers, because when we get the one where we're supposed to identify the character from the silhouette, we would always (and by always, I mean twice) shout it at exactly the same time. The first time, the winner was whoever did the more impressive Donald Duck impression. Neither of us can do a Donald impression like at all, so Athena was going to go get her Kingdom Hearts hat, but it was hidden, so we just pretended.

The second time we had to do a tie breaker was when we learned why it's not always the best idea to play Scene It? as identical twins, and not have any other players. The tie breaker was whoever had the smallest hands wins. We compared our hands and we couldn't decide whose were smaller, so we called it another tie and got another tie breaker. ...which was the shortest person wins. People do say that we look like we're different heights, so we could have measured, but we called it another tie anyway. So now, whoever had the longest hair wins!

By this time I was cackling maniacally, because even though we're free to have different hair lengths, we don't really. We probably could have measured our braids against each other, but this was too much fun, so we called it another tie. And the winner was...

Whoever's birthday was closest to today!

So we decided since I was born five minutes later, and later in April is closer to today than earlier in April, that I was the winner. It was just as well, because Athena went first that game, and we've learned that, when we play, whoever goes first is really just guaranteed to win. That's the problem with Disney trivia games where you get to keep going after answering a question right. And she won anyway. Tadah!

Oh yeah! I forgot yesterday when I had a million things on my mind that I wanted to talk about Yo Gabba Gabba. We saw a commercial for it when we were watching the Cosby Show on Saturday night. It's a new Nick Jr. show, and it's insane. Kind of cute, but not something we can watch too much of at a time. We did watch it yesterday, though, because according to the commercial, Elijah Wood was going to be on. We're like, "What!? Elijah Wood on a Nick Jr. show!?" And we figured that since he's probably got enough money that he wouldn't have to be on the show if it was too lame and he didn't want to, that it was worth checking out.

He showed up about halfway through as their special guest dancing friend for the day, and then he started teaching everybody how to dance the Puppet Master. We're wondering what it says about Elijah Wood that the dance he chooses to teach millions of small children is the Puppet Master. We're also wondering if his facial hair is the type to scare small children, but since we didn't have any with us, we may never know. But without it, he'd look like he was twelve years old, so we understand.

So yesterday, Kazuya Minekura said that while she was wondering what other baton she could do, people told her, "Hey, this thing's going around." First it will take an explanation of Japanese text input. When you type something in Japanese, first it shows up in hiragana (or katakana, if that's what you have it set to), and then you hit space bar and it'll change the hiragana to kanji. If the first set of kanji it gives you is the wrong one, you hit space bar again to get another option. So the baton has a bunch of names from Saiyuki in hiragana, and you type them in and see what your computer gives you the first time you hit space bar.

Usually it gives you the most common one or the one you use the most on your computer first, so when Kazuya Minekura did it, there wasn't a whole lot of change from what it's supposed to be. But we type in Japanese so rarely (even more rarely about Saiyuki, since as far as we know, our Japanese pen pal isn't a fan), and these names aren't all the most common, so we could get some interesting stuff. So let's see how this goes.

「げんじょうさんぞう」(Genjyo Sanzo)
→『現状三蔵』(present condition Sanzo)

「そんごくう」 (Son Goku)
→『孫悟空』 (Son Goku) (I guess he's just that famous *grin*)

「さごじょう」 (Sha Gojyo)
→『差五条』 (difference fifth avenue)

「ちょはっかい」 (Cho Hakkai)
→『猪八戒』 (Cho Hakkai)

「じーぷ」 (Jeep)
→『ジープ』 (Jeep)

「さんぞういっこう」 (Sanzou Ikkou (or Sanzo Party))
→『三蔵一行』(Sanzou Ikkou)

「こうがいじ」 (Kougaiji)
→『こう外字』 (Kou foreign letters)

「どくがくじ」 (Dokugakuji)
→『独学時』 (independent study time)

「やおね」 (Yaone)
→『八尾ね』 (Eight tails, ne?)

「りりん」 (Lirin)
→『利りん』 (profit rin)

「こうみょうさんぞう」 (Koumyou Sanzo)
→『巧妙三蔵』 (ingenious Sanzo)

「うこくさんぞう」 (Ukoku Sanzo)
→『う国産増』 (increase in U domestic goods)

「かんぜおんぼさつ」 (Kanzeon Bosatsu)
→『観世音菩薩』 (Kanzeon Bosatsu)

「にいじぇんいー」 (Ni Jianyi)
→『新井じぇんいい』 (new well Jianyi)

「ちんいーそー」 (Chin Yisou)
→『チンイーそー』 (Chin Yisou (no kanji))

「かなん」 (Kanan)
→『華南』 (South China)

「ざくろ」 (Zakuro)
→『ざくろ』 (Zakuro (no kanji))

「ぎゅうまおう」 (Gyumao)
→『牛舞おう』 (let's cow dance!)

「ぎょくめんこうしゅ」 (Gyokumen Koushu)
→『魚工面攻守』 (fish managing offense and defense)

「せいてんたいせい」 (Seiten Taisei)
→『晴天体制』 (clear skies structure)

「こんぜんどうじ」 (Konzen Doji)
→『婚前同時』(at the same time as before marriage)

「けんれんたいしょう」 (Kenren Taisho)
→『県連対象』 (subject of prefectural link)

「てんぽうげんすい」 (Tenpo Gensui)
→『天保元帥』 (Tenpo Gensui, but with different kanji for Tenpo)

「なたく」 (Nataku)
→『な宅』 (Na house)

That was fun. We especially liked Konzen, Dokugakuji, and Gyumao. And Gyokumen.

Today I'm thankful for fun with kanji, getting to play Scene It? Disney, meeting famous-ish people, having time to declare work done early today, and tie breakers.
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