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No time!

I feel like there's not enough time today. Part of this is because our computer randomly started going ssssuuuuuuuppppppeeeeerrrrrrr sssssssllllllllooooooooowwwww (and if it's that annoying in text, you can imagine how annoying it was in practice) today when we were almost done working. Fortunately, we were almost done translating, so it didn't slow us down too much, but argh. We restarted the computer and now it seems to be doing fine. We suspect the problem lies within our inability to uninstall all the MacAffee stuff that came installed on our computer. Once our free trial ran out, we installed AVG, but we still can't find the "Uninstall MacAffee" thingie, and we're afraid to just delete stuff in case we end up making things worse. Ah well.

We also got Scene It? Disney edition today from UPS!! For some reason in all our cajoling Mom to get Scene It? Disney, we've managed to convince her to get Scene It? Harry Potter and an edition of Disney Trivial Pursuit, but never Scene It? Disney. So we finally took matters into our own hands and bought it ourselves. It helps that we were checking Amazon for something else and there it was, 40% off. And it finally got here today and is very very shiny, but alas we shall have no time to play it today. Maybe tomorrow, since we'll probably finish working early.

And the other thing that makes me feel like there's not enough time today is that I wanted to do a meme that Kazuya Minekura posted on her blog, but I'm like, "Aaahhh! No time! Do it later!" Actually, it's a "baton" (like in a relay race), but it's like a meme. One time a long time ago, Kazuya Minekura posted a baton, saying she really wanted to do one for a long time, but no one ever handed a baton to her, so one of her assistants was kind enough to come up with questions for her to do. They were all about what kind of materials she uses when drawing manga and stuff, so it'd probably be very informative for manga-drawing type people who are familiar with Japanese manga drawing materials and techniques. It went over so well that everyone asked her to do another one, so she did, but that'll take some explaining, and I'm feeling rushed as it is. Anyway, the first baton she handed off to another manga artist, but this time she didn't have someone to hand it off to, so she handed it off to all her readers. So we're like, "Neat! Now we can do a meme and say we were tagged by Kazuya Minekura!"

But I think we'll be doing that later.

Oh yeah! And I wanted to talk about Muppet Treasure Island a little! We decided to watch it last night, and then we realized it was the eleventh and a half anniversary of the first time we saw it. (1996 was the year we remembered dates because we... had nothing better to do? or something.) So it was very appropriate. This was our first time watching it on DVD, too! It was awesome when Gonzo and Rizzo came on the menu and Gonzo's like, "That's so cool! I love being on DVDs!" And Rizzo's like, "Yeah, you spin really fast!"

I don't know if I can remember all the comments I wanted to make. One is that Calico Jerry is my new favorite pirate. He was just so cute! And he wasn't even a Muppet! There was a comment about how amusing it is that the puppeteer for Polly talks just like he does for Elmo only in a different voice. ...and that's all I remember. Oh well. Good good movie. I can see why we were obsessed with it all of 1996.

Today I'm thankful for shiny new Scene It? Disney Edition games, getting to see Muppet Treasure Island again, hearing back from our boss at Del Rey (even if though she couldn't answer our questions; at least we know what's going on), getting to eat miniature chocolate chip cookies, and fanfares.
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