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Taking it easy.

We're taking it easy today, as if that's anything new for a Sunday. Church was pretty awesome. We read the Relief Society lesson today on keeping the Sabbath day holy, but we forgot that we were going to have a special lesson today. The Bishop recently decided that the ward's new focus will be strengthening the members, so we think it was part of that. He gets pretty excited about things when they hit him like that, so that's probably why it didn't wait until next week, which is when we'd normally have the "Bishop's choice" lesson. Part of the lesson was on grace, and I was like, "Ha! Grace is my middle name!"

My middle name is actually Ann, but it means grace, so "grace" is almost literally my middle name, but that doesn't mean it's something I have a whole lot of. I was just amused at my little joke. Eheh.

I don't really have anything to talk about today. Most of our mental energies have been taken up by crazy roommate stuff, which I don't really feel like posting about on LJ right now. On the one hand, it could help to get it off my chest, but on the other the whole thing would be very long to explain properly, I think.

We're wondering if we need to get another wand-erful cat toy. See, we got this cat toy that's a wand (obviously) with a long string attached to one end. The long string has feathers on the other end. And it seems to be our cats' favorite thing ever. Sometimes, because we keep it on the floor by the remote (we don't have a coffee table), I'll nudge it as I get the remote, and if Mimsy notices, she perks up like, "Do we get to play now!?" It's perfect for our cats, too, because it doesn't make any sound. But the problem is, a lot of the time one of the cats (usually Oreo) will capture the feathers and not let go. And then poor Mimsy doesn't get to play. It was so cute earlier today, because Oreo had the feathers, and Athena was still shaking the wand to try to get the feathers away, so they were both staring intently at the string.

...I guess you had to be there. Someday we'll get batteries for our camera.

Today I'm thankful for Firefox giving me proper spellings (even when I end up not using them after all), amusing delusions, having some ready-to-bake cookie dough, extra folding chairs so we had somewhere to sit in Relief Society, and silent cat toys.
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