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Oh with the bad timing...

Today Mom thought it would be a good idea to bring Sarah, Steve, and Steve's kids over for a quick visit. This was actually very good timing, because we'd just cleaned our living room on Tuesday. Ostensibly, the visit was to drop off the serapes Steve bought for everyone while he was in Mexico. So generous of him at 79 pesos each *grin* They are pretty nice, though, if a little itchy.

They distributed the serapes and then asked us what our plans were. After we told them, they started talking about how they were off to run errands. After Mom tried to tempt us into joining them on a trip to Best Buy, we began to suspect the real reason they had come over was to get us to run errands with them because then the kids would have someone cool to hang out with while the adults did their boring errands. But it didn't matter anyway, because we had plans to see Stardust, which was actually very frustrating because we reeeeeeeally want to go to Best Buy. We even have a List. And the one day in like ever that we actually have plans seems to be the one day we would have had a chance to go.

But then we got to see Stardust, and it was awesome. The witches' castle reminded us a lot of Hollow Bastion, and I thought it was neat how each of the princes' costumes was made of a fabric that was patterned with the Roman numeral of whichever number they were. It's amazing how many little details they put into the whole movie. I suspect all of those might have a little bit to do with a few very small continuity issues (from one angle the knife is behind his ear, but from another it's in front of his ear), since they obviously put a lot of work into this movie and probably had a deadline. My biggest complaint about it is that there were so many characters, but they were all pretty awesome, and there wasn't enough time to really see much of any of them except for Tristan and Yvaine of course. I guess that's what reading the book is for.

And my random Stardust comment is that the black choker on Una is very unnerving if you've watched Zombie Loan before the movie.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Stardust, making it to the movie on time even though we left late, the Can-Can, operetta summaries, and internet searches that don't take forever.
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