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Too many comic books?

I think I'm getting more violent recently. First I hit a guy at church, and then last night it was all I could do to restrain myself from leaping on the Roommate and attempting to pull out all her hair last night. If you ask me, she would have deserved it, but of course I think she would have deserved it. I think this means it's time to pull out the Hunchback of Notre Dame sheet music. "Bells of Notre Dame," with all its pounding on the keyboard, is very good for relieving tension.

Meanwhile, today we worked on the petit burial chapter in Saiyuki Reload 8, and that makes everything better. It's just too adorable not to. And while we worked on it, we listened to the CD with my favorite Goku song and a Goku/Gojyo duet, which made it all the more awesome.

We finished work on that early today, so we're debating whether to work more on the Del Rey thing or to take this opportunity to read some Harry Potter or something. On the one hand, it's better to get more work done, but on the other, it is Friday, and we think we probably only need a day to finish the first draft. Maybe a day and a half, since the main character will probably be at school more. Hmmm...

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? last night was awesome. We think the comic book store they went to to see the covers of their comic books was where we went one time when we were on a research mission as interns at TokyoPop. It was the two of us and another intern and Jeremy Ross going around LA in Jeremy's BMW. That was an adventure. I think Hygena's cover was my favorite--she was really pretty on it. I was sad that they made Hyper-Strike and Parthenon so big and muscley, but that's American comics for you, alas. Feedback and Major Victory didn't seem to have that problem last year. I wonder if that's because they had sleeves? But the Defuser didn't seem to have that problem either. He has short sleeves, so maybe it is the sleeves thing. Hm.

Oh! That was the other thing I needed to post about! Feedback movie!! Next Saturday!! We're so excited! It's called Mega Snake, which seems like a kind of deceptive title. I mean, there was a mega snake in the commercial and all, but it's a Feedback movie, not a mega snake movie. Maybe it's to lure in the people who didn't watch Who Wants to Be a Superhero? by making them think, "Mega Snake? I wonder what that's about." It looks like it might be a little cheesy, but what're you gonna do? They cast a comic book geek as the hero after all, as Athena points out.

Today I'm thankful for intern adventures (though they're not always so fun at the time), Goku and Gojyo being adorable♥, Feedback movie!, Bells of Notre Dame sheet music, and having choices.
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