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That was the best we could come up with for a subject line. Like, "We have to come up with something!" Oh, but maybe it's not as funny when you explain it. Hmm.

Today has been very productive! We decided to take a break from the Del Rey thing in favor of the rush job from TokyoPop for a couple of reasons. First, if we worked on the Del Rey thing today, we'd be almost finished with it by the end of the day, and it would be silly to stop working on it so close to the end, because second, we want to turn the TokyoPop thing in really really fast because they said they want it in really fast, and we want to keep up our reputation of being able to turn things in really fast. Either way, we're pretty confident we can get both things in before deadline.

When we found out about the rush job from TokyoPop, we were a little worried that maybe we should have worked instead of taking Tuesday off, but as it turns out, work on both of them is going so fast that it won't be a problem. Maybe we're making good progress because we rested up. Or maybe both these things are done by manga artists who like to have big pictures and less dialogue.

I'm really not sure why I'm so secretive about working on Saiyuki Reload 8. I think some days I'm more paranoid about confidentiality than others.

So anyway, we're pretty excited about getting our work done so fast, because then we can slow down a little and do things like make icons or read Harry Potter. I was a little worried, because the trend is usually that we finish so much work, but then something else pops up. But we're almost caught up with Japan in our Del Rey stuff, so most of the new work will be from TokyoPop, which is good for vacation time, but not so good for finances. Still, we're doing pretty well right now. So after these two things, we have two more TP things, one thing for Yen Press... and we have no idea when we'll have to do volume 5 of I Hate You More Than Anyone (volume 1 is out now! Go! Go to the bookstore!). New contracts for that are like giant bombs on our schedule. They go off in an explosion of hiragana, katakana, and romaji (most of it handwritten). Fortunately it's an awesome series, so we're really not complaining too much. We just really like the bomb analogy *grin*

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Saiyuki more, getting caught up with work, being able to handle so many deadlines, bomb analogies, and Who Wants to Be a Superhero? being on tonight! Yay!
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