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Phone call from the future...?

Today started out with me getting up to answer the phone. I was really annoyed because, even though the alarm had already gone off and I actually woke up before it did, I was Not ready to get out of bed. But I answered the phone anyway, knowing full well it was likely someone asking for a charitable donation.

And right I was! It was someone from the cancer survivor foundation, or something along those lines, and she started off, of course, by telling me the story of this guy who benefited from their help and all that stuff. Then she asked if I could show my support this one time by donating $95. I was like, "Pff. No." I'm not sure if that's what I actually said, since I was about a third asleep, so hopefully not. So she said, "Alright, then, can we count on you to give us the same donation you did last year and donate $72?"

Gwah? I may be a sap, but I'm not made of money. There's no way we could possibly have donated $72 dollars, because this time last year, we were still in our crazy poverty phase. And I've never given more than $35 to any organization because I'm just not that rich. So I said, "There's no way I paid $72 last year." And she said, "Maybe your husband made the donation. Carlton?"

It is impossible for me to express in writing how my partially asleep brain reacted to this, so I'll leave that to your imaginations. I managed to gather my wits enough to say, "Uh, I'm not married..." "Oh. Does he live with you?"

I must have said something along the lines of, "I don't know a Carlton," because I distinctly remember her saying something along the lines of, "Oh. I don't know where I got that name from then." And then we finally settled on my donating the lowest donation level of $35.

The especially weird thing was that all the rest of the information she had (name, address, etc.) was correct. My best theory was that it was a phone call from the future, where I'm married to some guy named Carlton, but that means I'd still be in Fresno, in the same apartment, even after I'm married, and if that's the case, the likelihood of my getting out of Fresno is much lower, and I really don't like that idea. So I'm going to say that that wasn't the case. In the meantime, perhaps I'd best be careful of any guy I meet named Carlton.

In other random amusements for the day, we got an e-mail from the Disney Movie Rewards website telling us we should play their instant win game. Even though we took an hour off work today to go to the bank and ship stuff, work was going pretty fast, so we figured why the heck not. They have a thing with nine pictures of movies that are part of the program, and you click to shuffle them and click again to stop them. And if you have three matching pictures, you win! We had terrible luck with the last instant win game of theirs that we played, so we weren't holding our breaths, but shockingly! when the pictures stopped, there were three pictures of the Chronicles of Narnia DVD cover, right in a row.

So now we've won some free photo stickers from Kodak! Not a huge prize, but still pretty neat. The problem is we have no idea what picture we want to put on our stickers. My first thought was to use that one of Syaoran and Sakura we got at AX (it was on my mind because we finally found Syaoran's contact information to send her the photo yesterday), but it seems kind of creepy to print a sheet of photo stickers of people you don't know. But then again, we know the characters Syaoran and Sakura pretty well from watching the anime, and it is an adorable picture. But no.

This will take some thought. Only problem is I don't know when our coupon expires. We'd better get thinking!

Today I'm thankful for having quarters for laundry, this translation going really really fast so far, free photo stickers!, being able to walk all the way to our windows without tripping over boxes, and getting all our checks deposited.
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