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Today we win!

We spent the whole day cleaning today. Well, obviously not the whole day, since it's only three o'clock. But we did a lot of tidying up, and now things are shiny. But we decided to save vacuuming for later. And now we are tired.

Last night we were further reminded not to ever hit people, as the guy I hit noticed I was still mad at him and came over to apologize. He proceeded to spend almost the rest of FHE talking to us and showing us exactly how much like Steve he is. The way he talks is even exactly like Steve. We finally escaped when he got up to get some fruit and we turned our DSes. When he got back, he interrupted our playing long enough to make sure we weren't still mad at him (Mad, no. Fed up? Oh yeah.) and then we were free. Fortunately the night wasn't a total bust, because my visiting teacher showed up for a little bit and we made plans to go see Stardust on Saturday! Yay!

But that's not all the craziness that's going on! Remember yesterday when I said if we just took the Roommate to Disneyland she'd probably spend the whole time with her friends and we would be by ourselves again, thus defeating he purpose of our going to Disneyland again because we already went by ourselves? (Not that we'll never go to Disneyland again if we can only ever go by ourselves, but we just went two months ago by ourselves.) She called today from work to tell us that her friends from Utah will be in Southern California in about two weeks, so we should figure out Disneylandy stuff. On the one hand, it would be a shame to deprive her of Disneyland. But on the other, we suspect she's counting on us to pay her admission, and we're not sure we want to spend all the money plus extra admission so we can spend another day or two feeling alone at Disneyland. Maybe if we had our own friends to go with, but two weeks is a little short notice, even for us, what with our current crazy translation schedule.

That's right! There's even more craziness with translating right now. But it's all fun craziness, so it's good. We're going to be getting the book for a rush job for TokyoPop soon, we're still waiting to get some information we need for the rush job from Del Rey, and we have a non rush job from Del Rey that was moved back, we think, but we don't have a contract reflecting the change. Fortunately, we'll probably be able to finish everything quickly enough to get it in by deadline. Especially now that we feel so good about ourselves for cleaning the living room and the bedroom and the bathroom. Yay!

Today I'm thankful for having a clean bedroom, having a clean living room, having a clean bathroom, having plans to see Stardust on Saturday, and having space on our dresser to put our two adorable desktop calendars (Strawberry Marshmallow and Kingdom Hearts (manga version)!).
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