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Game over. You lose.

Good thing I have continues. (I hope.)

Today was an interesting day at church, in which I failed at containing my temper. This is a very Bad thing, because hitting people is exactly the opposite of something you want to do when you're upset about people missing the point of lessons about the Gospel. I fail miserably.

Anyway, we had read the Relief Society lesson before church today, and it so happens it was on reverence, with a section about being quiet and respectful of the chapel. So it was a little irksome when we were sitting waiting for Sacrament Meeting to start and the chapel was so noisy. I told myself that most people hadn't read the lesson yet, and hopefully next week, after the lesson, they'll be better for a little while at least. In the meantime, we can work on our own reverence by thinking about the Atonement and things like that instead of focusing on being annoyed. Sacrament Meeting turned our to be really good, too, so it was nice.

Things were pretty nice in the library, too, but toward the end of the hour, before we left Relief Society, the same guy who got on our nerves last week returned. This time, he had actually been to Sunday School, which was definitely good. He asked us how work was, and we said it was great, but we'll have to take a day or two off pretty soon to de-stress, because weekends weren't doing it for us. He started talking about who needs rest and stuff like that, which normally wouldn't be a problem, except that before that I had mentioned that Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. This is something we feel very strongly about, because we know from experience that if you don't take a break once every, say, week, it makes it incredibly hard to go on. I had been thinking about it a long time ago and realized that one of the main reasons we're told to rest on the Sabbath is that the Lord knows, as many studies have shown, that people need to take breaks. And I pointed out that if the Lord Himself needed to take the seventh day off, who are we to say we don't need breaks? And he said something about how he gets rest when he sleeps at night.

That really bothered me, but I soon forgot about it as we got to the Relief Society room and found out the pianist wasn't there so I got to fill in! Yay! And we had our lesson on reverence, and we commented on how it's not only the family wards that have noise problems, and other sisters agreed with us, so we were pretty happy. But then I started playing the music for the closing hymn, and people started talking amongst themselves. It would have been one thing if they'd forgotten by next week and done it then, but we had just had a lesson on reverence.

And so we were stressed. We figured we'd just go home and vent about it for a while and get over it, but Celeste had to go find someone and thank him for the ice cream he brought her, so we ended up wandering the halls a little longer than was good for anybody involved. As we headed toward the exit we usually take to get to Celeste's car, we passed through the foyer, and sitting right there was the guy we'd talked to in the library. I was annoyed at everything, and he was such an easy target sitting there that I walked up and smacked him up the backside of the head. Knowing my strength, it couldn't have hurt him very much, but I felt very bad for it and apologized profusely, and he said it was okay and tried to figure out exactly what it was that had me upset enough to do that. When I told him I was annoyed about his remark earlier and stressed about people's lack of reverence (seriously; it's about respect!), he didn't seem to believe that that was all it was, because he kept asking me what else frustrates me. He explained that he's studying to go into law enforcement, which doesn't really allow for resting on Sundays, and that made me feel even worse for hitting him. But then he went on to say other things that just made me want to hit him again (I know people interpret things differently, but how many different interpretations of, "You should be quiet and show respect in the chapel," are there? (Not that I'm one to talk anymore, having hit a guy in the foyer.)), so we left.

And then we came home and had to rant about it longer and louder because he seemed to have missed the point. And then I had to post on Live Journal and confess what a loser I am for missing the point so completely myself. *sigh* I'm sorry.

Today I'm thankful for the great talks we had in Sacrament Meeting, our upcoming vacation plans (clean the bedroom! Yay!), having Baked Ruffles as a treat for our vacation, remembering the right adverbs, and former home teachers who are far better at calming people down.
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