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Saturdays are impossible.

Part of the problem is that we have so many things we're saving to do for when we're not working that we can't decide which would be best once we're finally not working. The other part of it is we never know what else is going on. Celeste left this morning to go hang out with Sarah, but after they had lunch, Sarah decided she didn't want to go home, so they've been using the TV all day. And so we've been in here, and now we're all caught up on anime! Yay! Except that now we're at a loss what to do. What we really need to do is get more comfortable chairs to sit in for when we end up spending all day in here.

What we thought about doing was call Mom and ask her if she would take us to see Stardust, since Celeste says she doesn't want to see it in theaters. That's kind of confusing, because if the movie ends up being bad, then its only redeeming feature will be the special effects, which will be that much better on a big screen. And we'd be paying for her ticket anyway. Ah well.

We ended up not doing that for one main reason: I called Mom and she didn't pick up. So we figured we'd just talk to people at church or figure something else out. Mom called later to ask us what we'd eat for dinner tomorrow, which was also kind of confusing because we didn't know we'd been invited. When I told Mom as much, she said we didn't have to go, and in retrospect, it may have been better to say we'd stay here. Not that last week was horrible, but it wasn't exactly fun, either. But I said we'd go anyway, and now I'm worried about wasting another Sunday being bored. But on the bright side, we can talk to Mom about various errands we want to run, and, if we don't talk to anyone at church, seeing Stardust.

So anyway. The more we watch Gurren-Lagann the more we realize how much awesome it's made of. Much as we don't like having to get stuff from ADV, it's looking like we're going to have to get this series on DVD. The idea was thrown out that, instead of waiting for ADV to release the series, we just buy it from CD Japan, but then it wouldn't have subtitles and we wouldn't be able to get anybody to watch it. It would, however, have audio commentary with Tetsuya Kakihara♥, Katsuyuki Konishi, and some other voice actors that aren't Shimon or Kamina (okay, so actually it's Marina Inoue (Yoko) and Kazuki Nakajima, who's like the head writer, which means he's probably the guy responsible for all of Kamina's dialogue, which would make him like, awesome royalty), which would be made of awesome as well. And chances are nobody'd watch it with us even if we did get the American release. But Japanese anime DVDs are ultra expensive. We shall have to think about this.

Today I'm thankful for CD Japan, not being zombies, the sneak preview of Stardust they showed during the Daily Show on Thursday, having chairs for our computer desk at all, and electric currents.
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