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Making a comeback!

We're doing much better than we were last night. I think it helped to get it off our chests, and to have commiseration (thanks, guys!), and it always helps to have the roommate away at work. And I think what really helped was watching Gurren-Lagann. Not only did it give us something else to think about, but seven-years-older Shimon is very attractive. That show is kind of evil in it's, "Yay happy characters! Now watch them writhe!" Actually, there's not so much with the writhing, but it is very evil to them. Poor Shimon. Poor Nia. Poor everybody! Aaaahhh!

So in that respect, I guess it helped in that it let us think about someone else's problems. It helps to think of other people, you know? Eheh.

And today we were super productive! Not only did we turn in our first translation for the eccentric billionaire company, but we got started on Atelier Marie & Elie 4. So far, no dangerous lost puppy Strafe though. I hope he shows up later. He was in the character descriptions, so he should be. I hope.

It's weird translating these days, because we're going through a, "Oh no! We're not taking too many liberties, are we!?" phase. The eccentric billionaire company doesn't like the adapting so much. And then with the rush job for Del Rey, we're like, "Oh no! We're not adapting enough! Aaahhh!" So now we're translating for TokyoPop again and we're kind of at a loss. I think we need to stop worrying so much.

Today I'm thankful for the support we got last night and this morning, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? being on tonight, seven-years-older Shimon, Nia's hair being a lot longer, and fictional dangerous lost puppies (real dangerous lost puppies aren't so fun).

Man we need Gurren-Lagann icons.
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