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Cell phone added to Court Record

Celeste's cell phone has been making noises at us all day. She must have been in quite a rush when she left for work this morning, because she almost always has her cell phone somewhere on her person. She apparently has it set to make the text message sound every two minutes until she does something, because the one time I opened it up to see if I could respond to whoever seemed to be texting her every two minutes for the last hour, it stopped. And then I decided that, while I'm not a complete technological idiot, I know little enough about cell phones that I'd better not risk messing something up. So now that she has another message, it's been going off every two minutes again. And her text message alert noise sounds a lot like the sound it makes in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney when something is added to the court record.

In other random news, there was a girl at FHE last night wearing an EFY shirt that had text where her shirt fell just below her right hip. While I've been unsure of the proper use of the term "ironic" lately, I'm pretty sure this falls under that category, since EFY is a church event and stuff, so they probably wouldn't want girls attracting attention to that area of their anatomy. And it was obviously not text that the girl had written on with a Sharpie later. Mystery...

Life is still mostly just work. We get a little obsessed. The idea currently is that if we want to make sure we have lots of time to do all our non-work stuff, we need to make sure work is completely out of the way. That's probably not ever going to happen, since we get more work as we finish more work, but things have been a little crazy with rush projects and stuff, so hopefully once those are done things will be back to normal, at least. Fortunately, we got a lot more translated today than we had planned! Whee!

Today I'm thankful for getting to take home the leftover chocolate chip cookies from FHE last night, getting extra work done today, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Celeste's cell phone sounds actually being not-annoying, and finishing this entry before four o'clock. Woohoo!
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