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Friendly reminders

I think we've been complacent for a long time now. Except for the standard roommate stress, life's actually pretty good, with having a job we enjoy and all that stuff. So it's easy to forget two important things. One, we want to get out of Fresno, and two, our ultimate goal is to do voice acting in Japan. We've been so busy with work that we haven't been thinking too much about it, but our lease is up in a mere three months, and lately when organizations call asking for donations, I've been getting a lot of comments on having a nice voice.

These are good reminders except that we have no idea where to start with our two goals. Okay, so we have ideas. But implementing them is ha~ard! *whine whine whine*

It's weird having a dream, you know? Because you have this thing you keep saying you want to do, but when you've been dreaming of doing something for too long, the idea of it actually happening seems like it can't be any more than a dream. And then when things are working out pretty well without doing that, you don't want to do all the work involved to get to the dream, because it might not work out anyway, and then you would have done all this work for nothing. Hence the whining.

But! we also realize it's okay to take things slow, as long as we actually are taking them. So for now we can set small goals, like going to Best Buy to get a microphone and CD-Rs. And talking to my visiting teacher, who works in some AV industry, about the possibility of making a "professional" demo CD. (Since she happens to be coming over tomorrow and all.) And coming up with ideas for dialogues and monologues. That's the really hard part.

We'll worry about where exactly to send the CD when we actually have one. Yes.

As for the getting out of Fresno thing... I think we'll be talking to the bishop for ideas on that one. It's tricky with the roommate situation.

Today I'm thankful for friendly reminders, good progress on translating, chocolate oatmeal cookies, dreams, and it only being 84 degrees outside right now.
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