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I feel like I should update.

But I don't really have anything to update about. That's the thing about Saturdays.

I know! I'll go check the writer's block suggestions on the LJ main page! Hmm... the first one was what's your most memorable vacation and why. That would probably get way too long, or just be a link, so skipping to another one...

If you won $100 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

I like this question because you have to think more about it. With the huge amounts of money, you might as well ask, "What do you want?" But with this you have to think more. Unless this question was asked a year ago, in which case the answer would be, "Buy groceries." That was a rough year.

Now... hmm... We might use it to upgrade the photo editing software on our computer. We think if we do that, we can make animations, and then we can make the animated icons we've been plotting all this time. We have such a good idea for one, and we already have all the pictures we need and everything--we just don't have anything to animate them with.

We might also take it to, and get like Strawberry Marshmallow or something. Maybe more Ueki. Maybe Magic Users' Club (or Mahou Tsukai Tai), since it's one of the few things directed by Junichi Sato that we haven't seen yet that we don't have to get dubbed (Ojamajo Doremi... *sniffle*).

Ooh! Or! We could give it to Celeste and say, "Go somewhere! Have fun! Spend as much time as you want." And then we'd have the apartment to ourselves on a non-workday. Although this late in the day, I think we'd probably have to wait for next week.

Online manga shopping seems like a good idea. But really, we need to physically go to a manga place, so we can pick up the books and say, "This looks interesting!" and get something completely new that we've never heard of.

Actually, what we really want right now is some nice, cushioned office chairs so we'll be a little more comfortable when we're stuck in our room all day, but we'd need two and the cheapest we've seen is $80 or $90. But I think we're going to get those regardless of whether or not we win $100 today--we just need a trip to some place where we can sit in them and see if they'd really be comfortable enough. We also want to get a cat tree, but the ones we want are also more than $100.

Oh yeah, I just remembered we still need to post the rest of our AX pics. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow or sometime next week. Or I'll spam tonight. But since Celeste will be going out with people, we'll probably be away from the computer, so that's looking doubtful.

Today I'm thankful for the LJ writer's block suggestion thingie, hypothetical questions, predicted weather cool-downs, an opportunity to finally make progress on the video games we haven't played in forever, and having some Americone Dream ice cream left for later.
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