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We finally finished with our research. It's almost like coming out of a trance. I'm almost not sure what we're going to do with ourselves. It's just very strange not having to do the research anymore.

Last night's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? was awesome, of course. I keep thinking about what a cute couple Ms. Limelight and Parthenon would be if Parthenon wasn't gay. According to the preview, next week they're going to reveal that there's been a mole this whole time. If it's Mr. Mitzvah, I so called it.

El Cazador de la Bruja is an interesting series. We saw the first episode and decided that, while we were interested in who played the guy with the camera, we didn't quite care enough to keep watching. But then Miyano-kun said, "And we're doing El Cazador radio!" on his blog, and we're like, "Darn it." So we've been watching. And now I spend every episode waiting for LA to come on, and then when he does, I'm afraid for my life. He's really really scary! He was holding a bendy straw and I was afraid he'd kill someone with it! A bendy straw!!!

I'm sure I had some other random thing to talk about. Oh yeah! Not so random.

So we found out a long time ago about Anime Banzai, the convention that's going to be held in Salt Lake City. We toyed with the idea of asking if they'd like some manga translators to do a panel or something, but we didn't care enough to pursue it, because we got really busy or something, and then after AX we decided we were done for a while. But now blackhope is up in that area (at least, I assume he is, but just because he's in Utah doesn't mean he's in that area specifically; Utah is a fairly big state, after all), and this could be a great opportunity to visit him, especially because the convention starts the day after his birthday. But the idea of driving all the way to Utah listening to country music is the opposite of appealing. Of course, since Celeste really wants to go to Utah and can't unless we pay for gas, she'd probably be willing to let us set the condition of being able to choose the music (we can get some books on tape or something!). But that still leaves us with the question of lodging, since we're not sure we want to pay to stay at the Sheraton, which is where I think Anime Banzai is being held. And the idea of taking more time off work when we're still pretty darn busy doesn't seem like a very good one. So right now it's just an idea, but I thought I'd mention it on LJ. Just cuz.

Today I'm thankful for finally being able to try Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream, being done with the crazy research (it was fun, but I think it will be nice to have something other than that series going on in our lives), little sisters who will pick up ice cream for us, non-lethal bendy straws, and wand-erful cat toys.
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