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Behold the sparkles!!!

Our package finally came at six-thirty yesterday, which means now we have Saiyuki Gaiden 3!!! Woohoo!! The cover is very shiny and adorable and dramatic all at the same time!

Actually, we both personally prefer Saiyuki Reload to Saiyuki Gaiden. Not quite sure why that is, but I think it might be that the knowledge that it can't end well means there's a sense of doom permeating the entire series. And normally Goku is the one that makes everything better, but in Gaiden he's not really in a position to be able to do that. And all the preincarnations are only like half of the people they are in Saiyuki/Reload. But that doesn't mean we don't want to know the whole story as to why Goku had to be imprisoned for 500 years. Besides, if anything we liked less than Saiyuki was not worth liking, we must not like Saiyuki very much. And since we like Saiyuki a lot, than it's easy to like something not as much as it.

We also got the special edition of Lagoon Engine Einsatz, which we are also very excited about. It comes with a CD! And according to a description we read somewhere, the CD has character image songs!! Those are like our favorite things ever. But it's all still in the shrink wrap, waiting patiently on the shelf until we have time to get to it. We've also caught up on obtaining Host Club manga, which would be so much more awesome if we were almost caught up on reading it.

And! we finally got to watch Burial last night!! It had a problem in that, for an animated movie, it didn't move a whole heck of a lot. It almost felt like a slide show, unless there was some blood gushing. Blood moved a lot in this one. Directors *heavy sigh* But it was awesome to see it all in color and hear the voices. I'd been wondering the whole time if they got someone different to play Ken'yuu, so it was really weird to hear him talking. He sounded really really close to the original, only younger. He was cast pretty dang well, I think. And! when we finally got to the end credits, we found out that he was played by Kosuke Toriumi, who played Hayate in Pretear. That's pretty funny. And creepy.

Not a whole lot else to talk about today, except that Who Wants to Be a Superhero? is on tonight! Yay! This would be even more exciting if we weren't frustrated about research going slow and not having enough time to do it. And we have anime to catch up on! Aaaaaaaugh!!!

Oh well. We can do it.

Today I'm thankful for having more Saiyuki Gaiden, finally having the Yukiru Sugisaki series that has eluded us all this time (though if collaborations count, we're going to need to get a hold of Eden), getting to eat Honey Nut Chex Mix tonight, nostalgic featured titles, and that last chapter translating very quickly as well as being hilarious and adorable.
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