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"I smell... Delivery"

That's a quote from John Bruce on an episode of While You Were Out.

We're still waiting for our happy package to get here. I don't know what UPS's deal is that they can have a package out for delivery by 5:30 in the morning and not actually deliver it until after 5:30 in the afternoon. It's not that late yet, of course, but that's about when we usually get packages from UPS. But as long as the package gets here, that's the important thing, right? It's not like we have time to play with the new shiny for a long time anyway, after all.

In other Saiyuki-related news, Kazuya Minekura finally got back from the hospital! Yay! We weren't too too worried, but we were a little worried, and she was gone for a long time. Apparently she got a fever and had to stay at the hospital longer. Also apparently, and I'm not sure on all the details because of all the kanji and stuff and the not looking it up, but it would seem that they stuck her arm a lot for anesthesia or something, so it'll be a while yet before she's back to drawing manga. But that's okay, as long as she's still alive.

Before she went in for surgery, she mentioned that they would be recording a Saiyuki CD drama while she was in the hospital, and she apologized to the voice actors for not being able to go, promising she wasn't running away this time (Hirata-san and Ishida-san like to drag her into talking for the bonus track). So apparently at the recording session, all the voice actors (well, Sanzo Ikkou, Hazel and Gat) signed a get well card for her. She posted a picture on her blog and it was so cute! Seki-san and Hirata-san were both like, "Hey! Get the hell better already!" (Seki-san added a "...please♥") and Hoshi-san's like, "Sensei, are you okay? Get better!" And Ishida-san wrote a long message about how she needs to take better care of herself. Sadly, he wrote small so we didn't get to read everything, but there was something about cutting back on smoking. And it was all in character and awesome (though I think Seki-san's might be more in character for Gojyo...), and we're jealous, especially because we have a fetish for Akira Ishida's signature. But if anyone deserves a card like that, Minekura-sensei does.

Aaaanyway, we're liking Hiroaki Hirata a lot more these days. His character in Kekkaishi is really fun. We're thinking we maybe should start reading his blog.

Today I'm thankful for successful surgery, the smell of delivery on the air, finally getting the translation guidelines we need, finding Pringles at the 99cents Only Store yesterday, and Zack still being on On the Lot last night.
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