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Ungh, research...

Research is getting stupid. Actually, the biggest problem is more with posture than the actual research. We may have to find a better research spot, but Celeste has been hijacking the living room to play Twilight Princess.

In other news, the new Saiyuki Reload Gunlock vocal album is... well, I want to say it's really awesome, but the content is... Well, Hazel has a song, and Sanzo has a song, and they're both very much in character. That should explain it a bit, for the few people who know the characters. For those who don't, basically they're both priests who are kind of the opposite of religious. The music part is really good for both, but we had a really good lesson on worthy music and how you really just shouldn't sing along with, or even listen to, some lyrics. Of course, that hasn't stopped us from listening to our other Saiyuki CDs.

The mini-dramas are hilarious, but the second one seems to be like a, "Let's show how good Soichiro Hoshi is at playing heroines!" type thing. I may have mentioned this before, but the creator of Host Club says she got letters suggesting Hoshi-san (the voice of Goku, and most definitely male) play Haruhi. After that one Saiyuki drama, we see that he would indeed have done a very good job. And he's so cute♥ But it's so wrong! But so cute. And yet Gojyo was the one being picked on.

So after that, we watched some anime, and then our home teacher came over. We got into two big fights, actually. Or debates, if you want to call them that. Voices were raised rather high, but nobody was offended. One was about the price of the PS1 when it came out. He's convinced it was $300, but we're convinced it had to be lower, because people were upset about how expensive the PS2 was when it came out, and that was $300. Ergo, the PS1 must have cost less than that. The other fight was about the quality of the Transformers movie.

After he left, we were starving, so we had dinner. It was perfect, because Celeste was falling asleep all through our home teacher's visit, and after he left she went to her room. We figured she'd be asleep for a while, so it would be the perfect opportunity to watch our Saiyuki Reload Burial DVD! So after dinner, we checked our e-mail before getting to Saiyuki, but almost as soon as we sat down, Celeste came in and asked if she could play Twilight Princess. We were a little sad, but she tends to get tired of it after a while, so we figured we'd have a chance to get the TV back later, but she's full of surprises, she is. She was at it all night, and research was still being stupid. Maybe we should have watched some anime instead. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for versatile seiyuu, not having to eat Goku and Gojyo, the embellishments in the Twilight Princess music when you're riding Epona, kitties keeping us company while we do research, and getting order confirmations from Kinokuniya.
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