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New shows and stuff

After posting here yesterday, we watched an episode of Romeo x Juliet, and then we watched the first episode of the new season of Zero no Tsukaima. I'd forgotten how happy that show makes me. We were a little worried, because Guiche wasn't in the opening sequence, unless he was the other blond guy with the spiky-ish hair (in the first season it was curly-ish), and then he showed up and looked the same. But since he wasn't in the opening, we're a little worried that he won't be in it so much. Sad. But he was still listed on the first page of the cast list, so hopefully...

After we watched that, we checked our e-mail and found two new work orders from TokyoPop (Yay!) so we decided it might be wise to get more work done. Fortunately, this series is going relatively quickly, but there is concern that all the touch-ups and tweakings will take a while.

And later! The new season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero? premiered! ♥Happiness♥ It was pure awesome. After the first episode, our favorite to win is the Defuser, because he's smart and has good leadership, and he became a cop (in real life) because it was the closest thing he could think of to being a real superhero. That's just awesome. I hope Whip-Snap makes it really far, too. But as a fangirl, my favorites are HyperStrike and Parthenon. I'm sad that Parthenon is gay, because I kind of have a crush on him. Ah well. We were really excited to see Feedback again, too. He was so adorable! And I'm wondering if Mr. Mitzah is following the same path as the Iron Enforcer. Time will tell.

I think I was thinking of something else to post about... Oh well. I have more and more evidence that some people aren't even reading their friends lists anymore, so I guess it doesn't make that big a difference. Though obviously some people are still reading their friends list, so I hope I'm not boring. Maybe my boringness is what got people to stop reading! Oh no! (Just kidding; I'd be flattering myself to really think that *grin*) Though it does make me wonder if certain people who would be interested would even notice if I mentioned a certain third volume of a certain side story.

Anyway, hopefully tonight we'll get an opportunity to watch our shiny new DVD from Japan. Weekends are always so unpredictable these days.

Today I'm thankful for the new season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero being just as awesome as the last (so far), cute new superheroes (HyperStrike is adorable (and a circus performer!), but he seems like he'd work better on a team--like Beast Boy), new Zero no Tsukaima, adorable anthologies, and the word adorable.
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