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Getting back to normal

This week has been very strange and unusual, but today we finally started getting back to normal by actually *GASP!* translating something. Wow, it's really been about a week. And we didn't start until after lunch, which we had later than usual, so we're still not quite back to normal, but we're getting there.

We saw Transformers last night. While I was watching the movie and not really enjoying it, I thought, "Maybe we would like this better if we'd grown up watching Transformers." But then I realized that probably wasn't true, and here's why:

We were really excited to see Transformers because almost all of our really good friends loved it growing up, and now we finally got a chance to see it for ourselves and meet all the characters and see how totally awesome they are. This was especially true of Optimus Prime, because of something Brian Clevinger said about him several months ago. Something about how he never understood the big deal about Jesus and why Christians were so obsessed with Him until the thought hit him, "What if He's their Optimus Prime?" Because Optimus Prime is so awesome he would do anything for him.

But then Optimus Prime wasn't so much with the being in the movie. I was really excited to learn about the other characters, too, but the Transformers themselves almost seemed like an after thought. Like, "Oh yeah, this movie is called Transformers; I guess we better stick 'em in there somewhere." Except for Bumblebee. He was pretty cool, too, but much as he was in it, he wasn't really in it.

If we had grown up watching Transformers, we would have been super annoyed that we didn't get to see enough of our favorite characters.

My other main thought is that, cool as it is to see all the wires and tubes and everything, if the Transformers hadn't been so detailed, it might have been a lot easier to make out what was going on in all the action sequences. But then, I always did have a hard time figuring out which mecha was which.

And when I saw Sam and Mikaela making out on Bumblebee's hood at the end, it was kind of disturbing. Talk about your freaky three-way.

And we still have a ton of anime to catch up on. And today we got a shiny new package, which we also don't quite have time for. We'll probably make time for it tomorrow or Saturday if we can, because dude, Saiyuki OVA, man. I have a lot of excitement about it that's having a difficult time surfacing because of all the other stuff we have to do. We also got the second Gunlock vocal album, which has a Gojyo/Dokugakuji duet! There's so much shiny building up it's blinding!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Anyway, today I'm thankful for getting to see Transformers, having a Saiyuki OVA to look forward to, dark chocolate ice cream, brotherly duets, and having some semblance of normalcy back.
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