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I changed the time stamp.

It's just too sad to have one day in the archive with no entry when the only reason for it is bad timing. We've been doing research most of the day, except for a while when we were chatting on AIM. That would have been the perfect time to update LJ, except that LJ was down then. When LJ came back on, we were back to our research, which went until the Daily Show started. I actually started writing this at 12:08, for the record.

Anyway, it turns out we're going to have to do a little more research than we expected, which is only vaguely annoying because the fact that we haven't gotten to work yet has me concerned. We knew there would be more research to do, but we were hoping it could wait until our schedule had slowed down a bit. Oh well. I really wish we hadn't taken all that time out chatting, but it was my choice to take down the away message and respond, after all, so there's no one to blame but me.

Today I'm thankful for being able to obtain more research material, having double chocolate chip cookies at FHE last night, days when our water isn't shut off, days when we don't wake up to jack hammering right outside our window, and plans to see Transformers tomorrow.
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