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It's not true. It's just not true.

I always knew I didn't like Shinn, and every time he does something to disprove that theory, he goes and does something else to make it worse. One step forward, two steps back.

Or sometimes twelve.

They're trying to make us think Shinn killed Kira. You know, I had a bad feeling back two episodes ago that they might kill Kira off. For some reason that episode made me think Kira was going to die, so I was very nervous all throughout. But then he didn't, so I thought everything was okay, especially because I was convinced that Stellar was not dead. And for some reason, nothing that happened in the next episode had me remotely concerned for Kira's safety, because we all know that Kira is way better than Shinn.

I'm convinced he's not dead. Yes, there were little Freedom bits strewn all across whatever body of water that was, but there was no Kira. Besides, you can't have a new Gundam Seed series without giving Kira a new Gundam, so Freedom was doomed for destruction. And back in non-Destiny they proved that Kira can survive a lot. He's even been killed before! It didn't work then, either.

But Shinn is still stupid.
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