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Today we're going to Mom's for dinner for the first time since... since I think we "challenged" Steve to read Fruits Basket. (He says we challenged him to, but he said he was excited to read it. When will he learn that when he speaks English, we're going to take his words as real English?) I'm kind of looking forward to it, because it's nice to hang out with people, but if I think about it too hard I start to get nervous. But we're bringing Band Brothers, so at the very least, we probably won't be bored.

I don't really have anything to talk about today. Athena suggested talking about the foot stool in the library. I'm not sure there's a whole lot to say about it. There's a foot stool, and it's fun to stand on. And it's neat because it has wheels, but they're on springs so when you stand on it, the stool goes down and the wheels don't work anymore. I like to step on it, because it's fun when it goes down. Obviously, I'm easily amused *grin*

I was standing on it after church when we were waiting for the Relief Society people to return the stuff they had checked out. It had been left right behind the counter, so I was the Giant Behind the Counter. Ho ho ho! Sadly, I was not wearing green. But we got a few funny looks, which was amusing. Then our former home teacher came in and we talked for a while, and then this tiny little girl came in and stared at something (we think it was me, but we're really not sure) for a while, until our former home teacher pointed and said, "She's tall, huh?" and then she buried her face in her father's pant leg and ran away. So I stepped off the stool so as to stop scaring children.

Then former home teacher said it was actually him scaring her away, and since he was growing a beard in, I pointed out that the reason men have to get special permission to have facial hair at Disneyland is that facial hair scares children. So he told us that he has one niece that will only talk to him when he's clean-shaven and another that will only talk to him when he has a beard. We thought it was amusing, anyway. And then Athena suggested he only shave one half of his face, and then he can carry one niece on each side! As long as he doesn't turn his head too far.

Well, that's it for my footstool ramblings. I guess it just goes to show that if you think about it, you could write an essay about anything. Doesn't mean it'll necessarily be interesting, though. And I almost just spelled "necessarily" with a V in it. Whee!

Today I'm thankful for footstools, comfortable clothes, the butter not being liquefied yet, handy spell-checkers (even if they don't always know all the words I want to use, even when I'm using real words), little sisters who are willing to pick us up for dinner when other little sisters don't want to drive so much and we need to stop by home to get our DSes, and springs.
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