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Today is more of a psychological thriller

We were hoping to get started on the Yen Press series today, but it seems they've disappeared again. We're more than a little concerned, though, because we were looking at the return address on the package that had the books and paperwork, and it listed a different floor of the building than the address on the contract, which is where we sent it. On top of that, the address in the signature from the lady we've been e-mailing is completely different from both of those. So we're really worried that we sent the paperwork to the wrong address. We explained the whole thing in the e-mail we sent today (also asking for their translation guidelines), so hopefully when we hear back then everything will be all good, but the fear that it's not has had us in terror of our e-mail all day. Fortunately our morbid curiosity (and I guess our sense of responsibility) has allowed us to keep checking anyway. Well, that and our realization that the only way to eradicate the source of our fear is to read our e-mail and deal with whatever we have to, since it's usually not as scary as we think it is.

In the meantime, we finished all the little extra bits to send in with +Anima and sent that in. That would have been a much happier, non-scary thing, except that we wanted to ask some questions about some other things, and then we had to keep asking, and for some reason today is a very much afraid of people day. Maybe we're still recovering from yesterday. Or maybe that's what happens when we have less work to distract us.

Since we weren't working on the Yen Press series, we decided to catch up a little on anime while we wait to hear from people, so today we've watched a bunch of Kirarin Revolution and Seirei no Moribito. The serieses are both very different, but the first one is a little too silly and fillery and the second one is a little too hard to understand sometimes, so the whole thing is a little too brain-melty. (Though both titles in moderation are lovely.) We thought of watching something else for a change of pace, but I think since the two we've been watching are kind of on opposite ends of the spectrum, anything else might tilt things a little too much in favor of one side or the other, and cause a breakdown. Or we could watch Gurren-Lagann, which is so far removed from everything that we wouldn't have that problem, but is so off-the-wall that I think it could cause a head explosion anyway.

And so I decided to update LiveJournal instead. But I think I'm almost done with this entry, so then it will be back to our undecidedness. Maybe we'll go eat some fiddle faddle or something.

Oh! While we were out running errands with Mom last night, we went to Game Stop, and there was a girl who used to be in our ward working there. We think she got married or something because we haven't seen her around, but there she was at Game Stop. It was really weird, though, because she didn't really do anything to indicate that she recognized us, so I wasn't sure if it was really her at first and thought it might just be somebody who looked a lot like her. So it was kind of awkward when she rang up our purchase. The only really sad thing about it is that I think you have to actually have an interest in games to work at Game Stop, which means she's probably into video games, so I'm sad we didn't talk more. Oh well. Yesterday was just really bizarre overall. But we got Fire Emblem, so it's all good. We only ever had a vague interest in Fire Emblem before, but then one of the songs on Band Brothers is the theme to Fire Emblem, and it's really pretty, so we decided we needed to check it out. Now we just need to find time to do it.

Today I'm thankful for painless e-mails, having new used video games, getting some of the information we need, research, and having fiddle faddle to go eat.
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