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And we thought yesterday was full of thrills!


Can't we just translate +ANIMA in peace?

(Though I'm not really complaining, because most of the stress from today is very good stress.)

Today started out on a not-so-fun note. We checked our e-mail and there was one from our boss at Del Rey about volume 1 of the other series we're working on for them. It's always hard to get those (though we think it's good that we do), because we never know how well or not-well our translations were accepted. This one seemed just negative, but then we realized it was only because we had only transliterated most of the sound effects instead of translating. So we spent an hour going through and translating them, which is only vaguely annoying in retrospect because, in our annoyance at the time, we picked up one of the copies of Hockey Club they sent us, and found plenty of examples of transliterated (not translated) sound effects. But different editors have different ideas and all that, so now that it's over, it's all good. And we have learned our lesson for the next time, so it won't happen again.

We went straight to breakfast after that, so we took a while with our morning stuff, and we were calming ourselves down, saying, "That's okay. We'll do our morning stuff, and then we can get back to happy happy +ANIMA, and all will be well again."

But we checked our e-mail, and lo and behold, there was another e-mail from our boss at Del Rey. But this one wasn't about that series, it was offering us our first rush job for Del Rey. We thrive on rush jobs. It was kind of weird this time, though, because we didn't get this one because we're always so far ahead of deadline like with TokyoPop (we've never really turned on the accelerator for Del Rey), but because apparently we're really good with comedy. Who knew?

So because of the nature of the job and the working out of deadlines and stuff, there was a lot of the e-mailing back and forth. We had to ask a few questions, which felt a little awkward, and during lunch we had to convince ourselves that the questions weren't stupid, and we were probably far more stressed out about it than we needed to be. And we'd already gotten a late start, so we ended up taking much longer finishing +ANIMA than we'd planned. Oh, but it was so good! Ooohhh, Husky♥

And then we called Mom and made plans to obtain research material. That should be fun♪

And while we're here, thinking about this new rush job, and the new job with Yen Press, and how Harry Potter's coming out this weekend, and how l33t-raws finally got caught up with Seirei no Moribito (six episodes) and Kirarin Revolution (nine episodes) so we have that much more to watch on top of the rest, we're like, "We're going to die." Only more like, "We don't have TIME!!!!!" But it's all fun stuff, so we should be okay. Right? As long as we can make our deadlines. *nodnod* (Oh yeah, and when we turn in +ANIMA tomorrow, we'll probably get a new work order... This is getting scary.)

Today I'm thankful for new rush jobs, getting to work on +ANIMA today, discovering that we can actually come up with English equivalents of some of those sound effects (though "mozo" is still a bit of a mystery (or it is in this series)), Husky flashbacks♥, and research material.
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