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Jam-packed with adventure!

Today has been (and has yet to be) crazy! But all in a good way. First, we filled out tax forms! Yay W-9s! And then Sarah came and took us to Fedex so we could send them off.

So remember the mystery magical booth at AX with the free manga that turned out to be Spiral so we gave them our card? *cue the flashback music* The day after AX was Independence Day, so we had decided we would e-mail the person whose e-mail address we'd be given on Thursday instead. But what with all our looming deadlines and the idea of having to go to Otakon and wanting to play Final Fantasy XI, we easily got distracted working, in our fervent efforts to finish as quickly as possible. So it was a little surprising when, later that day, we got an e-mail from them!

See, last year, when we went to Del Rey and CMX, we e-mailed both of them, and they both said, "We don't have anything for you just yet, but we've got you on file," and it wasn't until October that we got any new work. But Yen Press came to us, and they already had something for us to do! Wao! It happened so fast it made my head spin. They didn't ask for our resume until after we'd agreed to do it, and they pay a lot (like whoa), so we were still wondering if they were like that magic house you find in the forest. And then we didn't hear from them for a week, so we started wondering even more. But now we have signed the contract and sent it back, and we even have books, so we're pretty sure it's for real.

We came home and worked on +ANIMA for a while, and then my visiting teacher called and asked if it was okay if she came by around 5:30. That's a little early, and we wanted to tidy up some, so we decided to put +ANIMA on hold after we finished the chapter, which was a shame, because it's getting really exciting! But now we still have more to look forward to tomorrow, which is even better!

And apparently we're especially popular today, because we still hadn't finished working when Celeste called and asked if it was okay for Sarah to come over after Celeste got done with work. Apparently we've gotten them both addicted to Band Brothers, which is awesome. Huhahahahaha. So it's looking like this evening will shape up to be very interesting.

Our visiting teacher has only seen three episodes of Princess Tutu, and already she wants to own it herself♥ I was thinking about which episodes we'd watch today and I couldn't remember the fifth one (the one with the lamp), which is sad and ironic, especially because I can almost never remember that one.

Oh! I almost forgot about the rest of our adventures! While we were tidying up, Athena came across a couple of letters we'd received a while ago and not yet opened. One of them was from the city, saying they think we need a business license, because we have a business and no license. We think we're not subject to the whole business license thing, because our business is fictitious, but we'll have to call Mom and ask about that. If we are, the city was kind enough to attach an application for a license to the letter, so we're not too worried.

And the other letter was from the Disney Movie Club. Apparently there was a guy who works for the company that processes all the credit card stuff for them that got caught selling credit card numbers in a sting operation, and our information was among what got sold. That's some crazy stuff. We checked our statements recently for other reasons, so we're pretty sure we're okay, but we'll be checking again soon to be sure. We definitely appreciate the warning.

Today I'm thankful for getting people addicted to Band Brothers, getting people addicted to Princess Tutu, new contracts, adventure!, and having more +ANIMA to translate tomorrow.
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