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We're (maybe) going to Disneyla~and♪♫

Today we got definitive proof that the Things that are in the works are not, in fact, all in our heads. Yay! But we haven't signed anything yet, so more details later. We also got a package from Del Rey!

In the meantime, we get to take it a little easier this week than we were prepared for, because we are not, in fact, going to Otakon. Thinking about Mamiko Noto and Tomokazu Seki and how they're both in Gatekeepers (Noto-san even plays young Sakurai-san♥), this is a little sad, but stress-wise, we think it's for the best. Although what with being on +ANIMA and having a little extra money, it seems like we could have afforded it, had we chosen to go. But now we can go to a Harry Potter party instead. I'm not sure if there will be any cool ones here in Fresno, though. And alas, we have no costumes.

Since part of going to Otakon was seeing Dad, we're making alternate plans. We still have to figure out funds and schedules and everything, but so far the idea is to make a miniature road trip from Yosemite through Sequoia, and ending at Disneyland. Disneyland was our idea, the national parks was Dad's. I'm just glad Dad seemed to like the Disneyland idea, since it was the best thing we had to make up for bringing up the whole Otakon plan and then deciding not to go after all, and, like crazy people, we didn't think oh yeah, California has a bunch of national parks and Dad's really into that. But he also seemed interested in Fantasmic!, so I think he's not entirely of the opinion that Disneyland, in all its falsified glory, is lame.

We ran the idea by Celeste, and she's like, "I'm not sure I'm into the Yosemite/Sequoia thing." Clearly, nothing has changed from when we were kids. I bet she'd join us for the Disneyland bit though.

The main problem with it, though, is that Dad's wife Debbie has two kids still staying with them, and if Dad and Debbie come to Disneyland without them, those kids would not be very happy (and understandably so). I tend to be of the opinion that everybody should see Disneyland, so I'm like, "Bring 'em along!" But that tends to be expensive, especially since we have to consider airfare. Blah. As a tour guide, I'm also a little worried that it will be hard to get things done with so many people along, but as long as the group is pretty well unified, it should be okay.

And as soon as the idea of taking people to Disneyland enters my head, I go into tour guide mode, and start strategizing the best way to get good seats for Fantasmic! as well as the fireworks. It's almost like a military operation. We save seats for the fireworks until a specified time when everyone who wants to see the fireworks will be there and can just wait themselves, then we sneak off to New Orleans Square and go on Pirates of the Caribbean and look around the shops during the first showing of Fantasmic!, and as soon as people start clearing out after the show, we rush in and get seats for the second Fantasmic!!

Or something.

Today I'm thankful for proof that we're not crazy, intricate seat-saving strategies (we may not actually use it, but it was fun to think up!), having a little time to relax this week, shiny shiny new books to translate, and people who are willing to work in the crazy heat of Fresno (I'm sure I've been thankful for them before, but, man, do they deserve it).
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