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Pictures!!! part 2

I hope everyone is enjoying our pictures so far! Here's the next batch!

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Actually not the only mongoose Nodame we saw, but the first. I think the stitching may be a little too exaggerated. Incidentally, I forgot to mention this in the report, but when we watched part of Last Comic Standing, they had the guy who cosplays Midvalley the Horn Freak and his "band" play between acts. His band was two other guys on tambourine and pianica (or melodica, whichever you prefer). You haven't lived until you've heard the Zelda theme on sax, tambourine, and pianica.

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We happened to be walking by when all the D. Gray-man cosplays were posing for their group photo. Unfortunately, we didn't really get a close look at all of their costumes.

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I don't really have a comment for this one. Eheh...

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There were some really good FF12 cosplayers. This guy made a really good Vaan.

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Penelo wasn't in the first picture because she was distracted, interestingly enough, by a Gyokumen Koshu. Now we have everyone from the Party except Basch. We did see a Basch wandering around, but they were too far ahead and would have been crossing the street by the time we caught up with them for a picture. I wonder if there were any Larsa's wandering around.

And the photo that helped us win our PC version of Final Fantasy XI!
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As you might be able to tell from the picture, this was not in the dealers' room, but we did spot him again later right by the Square-Enix booth. We suggested he hang around and charge people to take his picture. He was hanging out with a Squall, and apparently he made both of the costumes. He was complaining about how hard it is to work with vinyl. But he did an awesome job.

For all you people who know who this guy is (which is probably most of you)
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We saw this guy at the Go! Comi panel and Athena pointed him out and said, "I think that's the character everyone on LiveJournal likes." So after the panel, we caught up with him and asked which character he was (please don't throw rocks at us!), and when he said he was in fact Asuma, we got a picture.

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We saw this and couldn't resist getting a picture. I don't know if she would have gotten down if I had asked for a picture like normal, because I made sure to say, "Can I get a picture? Just like that!" It's just too much in character for both of them. We saw them about an hour later and Squall was still carrying Rinoa, so by that time we weren't sure if it was still cute or just sad. But it's very much in character for both of them, so...

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We'd seen a bunch of Tutus, but no Ahirus, so we had to get a picture.

And a million trillion bazillion points to anyone who knows who this is! But you might only have until you read the caption under it. (I haven't written it yet, so I don't know if I'll actually say the name...)
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We didn't think we'd see any cosplayers from this series, because it hasn't been animated, and as far as we can tell it's not real high up on the popularity scale. But we ♥ it. I meant to put this in the report, but I forgot which day it happened on. One day, we walked out of the elevator, and there was this cosplayer. I saw her and thought she looked a little like the Samurai Seven cosplayer we had seen outside just a little bit earlier, but Athena was paying more attention. It went like this (she says), "Bright feathers, headdress... I know that headdress... [pans down] Cooro!!! It's Cooro!!! Somebody's cosplaying Cooro!!!!!!!" And we told her, "You're like our favorite person in the world right now." Now we're even more sad that we didn't make Husky and Senri costumes. Maybe I should get on that for next year. At any rate, she didn't turn out as cute in this picture as we remember her being, which is a little sad, but, dang it, it's Cooro!!!

We didn't get a whole lot of pictures from the Saiyuki gathering, because there wasn't enough unity or something for people to actually listen to ideas for good pictures. Except for this one:
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For some reason, we can never resist getting a picture of a Reload guy fighting his non-Reload counterpart.

And of course we had to get a picture of Ukoku.
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I have a feeling there are some people on our friends' list who will recognize this little girl. Note the loopy braidy things.
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So sad we weren't Eisen and Yasuaki anymore.
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And I wish I'd been holding the camera a little more to the right. Alas. Awesome costumes, though. Someday, we really do need to get a group together.

We weren't planning on taking photographing Host Club cosplayers this year, until I saw this guy:
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I'm not sure if he just hadn't finished getting dressed yet or was doing it on purpose, but he did seem to be fiddling with his tie. When I asked him for a picture just like that, he asked if I wanted him to take the shirt off, but you have to leave something to the imagination, or it's not as sexy. From the red stuff in his hair, I'm guessing he was trying to be Kaoru, but it's so hard to tell unless they have the hair exact.

Photography was actually allowed at the Halko Momoi panel, so we figured we may as well take a picture.
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But that doesn't mean it came out.

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This guy was just too awesome.
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Not only is he one of our favorite D. Gray-man characters (whose name we can spell in katakana but not romaji) ever, but he looks the part and he has every detail. The parasol is a very nice touch.

This is where we had to stop and ask a random attendee to take pictures for us.
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Since we were Donald and Goofy, these stylized Disney characters wanted to get a picture with all of us. Their costumes were gorgeous. Incidentally, the girl dressed in brown is Lady from Lady and the Tramp. There was another guy to the far left who got cut off, alas. He had horns and was wearing red, with a necklace that had a Chinese-type design on it, so maybe he was Mushu? We should have asked.

And that's the last one before we found the Kingdom Hearts gathering, and the nineteenth one in this batch, so we think it's a good stopping point. I'm not the best of photographers, but I do think we got some pretty awesome photos, so I hope you all take the time to look at them.

Brief thoughts on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: probably the best adaptation so far, in our opinions. Luna is the cutest thing ever, and though I didn't think Umbridge was what I'd imagined, she pulled off the part extremely well, and whoever designed her wardrobe is brilliant.

Today I'm thankful for good movie adaptations, having The Cookies (the generic ones they sell at all the grocery stores--round sugar cookies with a ton of frosting; we used to get them all the time in Utah, but we haven't really had the chance since, until last night), people reading (and cosplaying! (except for the cosplayers not being us *pout*)) +ANIMA, Cocoa Pebbles being on sale at Winco these many weeks, and getting to hear the Zelda theme on sax, tambourine, and pianica.
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