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Not-so-interesting times

I feel boring again today. Well, they do say it's a curse to live in interesting times. Not sure I agree with that, but I'll just be glad for the relative absence of stress and drama.

Oh yes. "I Hate You More Than Anyone" comes out at the end of the month. I wanted to talk about the title for this, because it wasn't our idea. The Japanese title is "Sekai de Ichiban Dai-kirai," which, translated most literally is, "You are the most hated thing in the world (to me)." So we were calling it "I Hate You More Than Anything," which we thought was appropriate, because being the most hated thing in the world includes more than just people. But apparently the people at CMX thought it was more provocative or something to use "anyone." They didn't really consult us--just said, "Oh by the way, we changed it here's why," so all we can do is say, "Well as long as we're getting paid..." Still, it's a fun, cute series, and you should check it out! ...when it goes on sale. Eheh.

Also, the Shiny New Thing is on sale now! Ooooooohhhhh!!!! I wonder if anyone's figured out what it is. I said it once, but I wanted it to be like in Empire Strikes Back, how Darth Vader says, "I'm your father..." and you're like, "No...! Is he? No...!" And you're not really sure for sure until Return of the Jedi.

Also On Sale Now is Million Tears! We didn't even know they'd announced it until like a week ago when we checked and lo and behold it was already coming out. Weirdness. That actually happens to be the next installment of our commemorative multi-part series, so there will be more on that later, but I will say that it's in the supernatural shoujo category (I think; it's close enough anyway), which we're finding we like more and more. But we do have to be careful what kind of music we're listening to if we find ourselves working on such titles.

Today I'm thankful for being able to translate fifty pages even though we were held up by crazy extras, getting to eat pretzel sticks, still having time to watch some anime, the temperature staying in the nineties again today, and toothpicks.
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