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Well, we're back to our boring old schedule. We can't figure out what our travel plans are until Dad calls again, and for some reason being in North Carolina seems to impede his ability to do so, despite his always using a cell phone. I'm very confused with people lately. But in the meantime, it's back to work work work followed by anime, game shows, and then video games. Only since it's Tuesday, we also have On the Lot! Yay! There are other Things in the works as well, but again, we're waiting to hear from people, so in the meantime, it's business as usual. We did hear from our boss at Del Rey, though, so we're not waiting for everyone.

Speaking of being confused with people, our roommate is being kind of insane. There was an interesting phone call today involving Panda Express, but for her sake, I think I'll keep the gossip to a minimum. The main point of it is, she's been out of groceries for a long time, and has basically been starving herself because of it. Asking her to take us grocery shopping is not an effective way to fix this problem, because she seems to be allergic to our grocery store, and refuses to go inside.

I feel bad talking about it in public, but there's an issue that I feel is very important connected to these things. Yesterday, to add to all her misery, she found out that her high school rival has just had a baby. She's been talking about how much she wants to have kids since she moved in, so this was quite a blow to her. But Athena said to her, "I don't think you're ready for a baby." And she said, "I think I'm ready for a baby, just not a husband." And Athena said, "You're not even so good at taking care of yourself." (Note the above paragraph.) She said that when she has to be responsible for others' sake, she'll actually follow through. Thinking about how many times she's helped us with chores and her level of ability in taking care of our cats, not to mention how often she takes us grocery shopping, we're thinking not so much.

So based on all our experience with this person, and a lot of things she's said, we're pretty sure the reason she wants a baby is so she can have a cute little thing that will love her unconditionally. And this is what has been infuriating us for quite some time now. Especially because, after the whole fiasco with Mom in 2004, it seemed to be very much the case that that's why Mom had so many babies, too. But what so many people seem to forget when having babies is that babies grow up. They're not just cute little toys. They're human beings. And if you bring them into the world without being ready to take care of them, you can do some serious damage. I mean serious. Just looking at how messed up our family ended up is proof enough for us.

I wish I could rant about this more coherently. But the main point is these aren't dolls we're talking about, they're living creatures. If a cat is too much for you to take care of (very low maintenance, cats♥), you should not be having children. I think that might be why children are supposed to be born within wedlock. Because in order to survive marriage, you have to learn to think about somebody other than yourself, and with a spouse, ideally, they can tell you what they need, and you can learn to pay attention while all that's going on. On the other hand, Athena points out, they can also tell you what you're doing wrong, and maybe that's why our roommate thinks she can handle a baby and not a husband.

I wish people would read Fruits Basket. And actually learn from the messages inside it.

I hate it when something really bothers me but I can't explain it very well. Alas.

Today I'm thankful for cloud covers making the weather cooler (88 degrees! Whee!), low maintenance kitties, making good progress translating today, hearing from people, and new anime to watch.
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