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I'm bored and my brain is tired, which means I'm going to write a LiveJournal entry. Athena suggests that perhaps the reason my brain is tired is that it's overloaded with stuff, so I need to get it off my mind and into, say, LiveJournal. At any rate, reading manga at this point would be more tiring, and I don't want to watch TV.

Anyway, I've been wanting to post about how amused I am that apparently it was no accident that Pretear is Fushigi Yuugi does Snow White. I was reading the afterword by Junichi Satou in volume 2, and he said the one thing he learned talking to female animators is that they like bishounen. In fact many of them became animators because they liked a certain "○○○○○," which specifically has lots of bishounen. Now if I can think of one anime that would fill five marus and has lots of bishounen, that would be Fu-shi-gi Yuu-gi.

So, upon realizing this (that female animators like bishounen), Satou-san looked at all the anime he's directed (Ojamajo Doremi, MapleTown, etc.) and, seeing that everyone's super-deformed, he thought he needed to do something about that. He decided to create a series that all the female animators would enjoy working on, and to make it easier for small children to understand, he decided to base it on a fairy tale. Thinking about Snow White, he thought, "What if the seven dwarves were bishounen?" And thus Pretear was born. Yay!

Of course, it's possible that everyone already knows this from reading the English version of the Pretear manga that's out, but it was news to me, and I wanted to share.

And now I'm done with the story, and must find some other way to occupy my time.
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