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We made it!

We're back, we're alive, we're even both in one piece each. That reminds me of AX, one piece does. There will be a report, it will most likely be in several very long entries, and it will not be happening tonight. Our former home teacher drove us home from the train station, and we had less than an hour to catch up on computer stuff before Jeopardy! was on, during which Celeste told us about her life and asked not once how our trip went. No Pocky for her. Only that's more because we're selfish and weren't planning to share anyway. (We meant to buy more, but by the time we got back to the booth we knew had it, they didn't have it anymore, and we didn't find any other booths. Perhaps we shall have to go elsewhere and obtain Pocky to share.)

And then we watched On the Lot and took an hour reading our LJ friends' list. Come to think of it, last year it took us about two hours to catch up, so my comment about how people only seem to update when we're away seems void.

It's very hot in Fresno. But the kitties are most adorable. Today I'm thankful for the awesomeness that is AX, making it there and back safely, finding everyone still alive when we returned, not having to take the train/bus again for at least two and a half weeks, and being back home with our kitties.
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