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We're not ready yet!! AAAAAHHH!!!

My visiting teacher's supposed to show up at six today, but there was talk of coming early so we'd have more time for Princess Tutu. Maybe Princess Tutu will make it all better. At any rate, I may or may not have time to finish this before she gets here.

We still haven't finalized our AX plans which is oh so much more than aggravating. It's just frustrating because when we go to family for help, they're like, "Well, we can help if you need us to, just please don't say you need us to." So then we try going to other people for help but we're so afraid they'll help us but hate us for it. And nobody around here likes anime or manga so we can't promise free manga or translations of anything in exchange for help. All we have is those Magic Mountain coupons, and right now Magic Mountain already has a two-for-one deal going on. I guess there's always cash.

Right now we're waiting for our former home teacher to find out his work schedule and see if he can drive us. In the meantime, we checked the Amtrak schedule and it looks like they actually have a station by the Queen Mary, which means we might be able to find our way from the station to our hotel if we take the train. Maybe we should have just done that to begin with and saved ourselves a lot of grief, but the idea of taking the train in itself causes grief, which of course is why we avoided it.

On the bright side, we've sort of packed, so we know we can take everything even if we have to take the train. We decided to leave Lacus and Meer behind, which kind of sucks because they're one of only two sets of cute girly costumes we have, and the other one keeps getting mistaken for cheerleaders (note: this is a bad thing). I guess if the cheerleader thing is a problem, we could leave Risa and Riku home and take Lacus and Meer, but the reason we decided to leave Lacus and Meer (aside from space) is that they're really just not the same without pink hair, and we don't have time to order wigs.

We're also debating on whether or not to leave Amiboshi and Suboshi at home. We've had them at every AX we've been to, so it feels like a shame to leave them, but at the same time we really don't need six sets of costumes. We don't even need five. Seven years is a good run, and we figure everyone who cares has seen those costumes (I bet a lot of the newer anime fans these days don't even know what Fushigi Yuugi is). It was actually between them and Eisen and Yasuaki, but we like to wear Eisen and Yasuaki's costumes!

Heh, even the bright side is a little depressing. But! we have a really fun idea for our Donald and Goofy cosplay, so that's exciting at least. Today has just been one of those days where we insist on not looking at the bright side. Kind of frustrated with people and stuff. Ah well. We're pretty sure it will pass once we hear from certain people.

Today I'm thankful for having plans to watch Princess Tutu, having room to take at least most of our costumes, having time to catch up on anime again, having animal crackers, and having time to finish this entry.
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